Hold Your Core And Hunker Down…

FOR THE WEEK 22nd-28th APRIL, 2013….

“We change, not because we seek transformation or enlightenment, but because what we’ve been doing doesn’t work.” ~ David Krueger monkeys27n-6-web

And in all of this need to change that we see around ourselves right now, the core attitude will have to be to hold the space for what we desire. Whether we see it a possibly manifesting or whether we don’t have a clue yet about what to do… our desire is the seed for manifestation.
So when we see something crumbling, by now we would be aware that it is that aspect of life which is not working any more. Yes, it may cause us to feel uncertain. And with the premium that we are habituated to placing on knowing everything that there is to know, not knowing can seem tantamount to being foolish. Ah, well… another dogma that will now have to crumble.
There is one clue in our lives right now that we are going the right way, even when circumstances do not feel so. It is in those moments when we feel a sense of belonging, worth and grateful happiness through engaging our energies into something we have chosen to do. It may appear to be humdrum… or it may not. If you are feeling all of that, then your energies are ready, even though your circumstances may not fit you yet.

Eventually, we will have to acknowledge our holy cows have walked away. Eventually, we will have to understand that they are not to be replaced by other dogmas. Eventually, we will realise that life is about living through our core nature…

Till then, we watch the covering crumble. (And reveal our core!)

  • For the self-employed, the week is going to offer lots of opportunities to hold your truth. Most of these opportunities are going to look awful, because you have based what you now do on an earlier structure. Remember what your intention is, and stay focussed on it, even if nothing seems to be falling in line with it. They are not supposed to. The building blocks are changing.
  • For the employed, it is a good week to consider what your employer is going through. It likely will be a huge eye-opener, and you may cast more light on your own path, desires and dreams by simply acknowledging that your employer has a life.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, all the questions you were asking your circumstances when they made you feel off-centre, are queued up and ready to be answered… by you. If you have done what was right, then you should have got what is right, right? So, if you are unhappy, which among those three rights (or not) is wrong?
  • For the voluntary care-givers, the most profound impetus you have received thus far in burning your light is the doubt in your beliefs, and the off-track existence. If, suddenly, you became main-stream, what would motivate you? If everybody you knew stopped criticising you and started agreeing with you, which energy would then feed you?

Given our current vision of life, this week is full of grace… as the realm to which we feel bound has a slow pace of manifestation. Our thoughts and our manifest physical realities have a time-lag. It is great and kindly grace.


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  1. jazzspazit
    Apr 23, 2013 @ 11:24:09

    If one is all than all is one 😀


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