One Step At A Time…. Sweet Dreamer!

FOR THE WEEK 15th-21st APRIL, 2013…

walking-the-talk-1024x681A very, very tiny… and often misunderstood way-shower…
When gripped by fear, you just need to flip it on its belly to examine what gives. What is it that you are afraid of? Where in your life has it shown up?
Precisely there, whatever you are doing in there, stop. Step back. Review. And start again. It will work.
And reach out. There are people around willing to collaborate, help, advise, hold your hand… just about any kind of confirmation that you need from an external source is available. Remember, people can give you what they have. So go out and meet them with what you can give them, too. It will work wonders.
Within your own space, however, do not throw away even a scrap of your experience as worthless. File away anything that is not coming of use right now, and peg away, plug away, hone away, polish up what you are already good at. That is the way, and you will now see it working.
If all this feels lonely to you, here is a secret. Loneliness is a chimera. It does not exist. What you are feeling as loneliness is an acute perception of you not being at the place you want to be. See the gift in that… you are being called to step it up for yourself. And the more you engage in what you love and are good at, the more you engage in your own divine dance. This is where it is working.
The catch is when you get caught, else there is none. Fearing the future, because you do not know whether you will be successful in what you are doing… this is weaving a web of conditions. Just to remind you again… the future is what you create by your choices in the now. Not knowing is the path to knowing. Success has only one definition… that of doing what you love and getting to do more of it. So, you see how it can work, if you let it.
Eventually, you will have to be your unique self. It is that self that the Divine has allowed into existence, so where is the need to fit into a mould someone else decided? Where is the need to conform to an image someone else worked out? Answer this and you will have met your true self again!

  • For the self-employed, this week, in your greatest fear lies your key to gaining creative control of your life. You are likely to attempt crisis-control or management, in anticipation! However, it will not help you at all. What will help you addressing the reason for feeling that fear and using that information to understand yourself better.
  • For the employed, identifying your keenest fear at this moment should be easy. What you will parallelly need is to consistently deliver what you are being asked to, and treat your colleagues as collaborators. Make special effort to not get caught up in gossip or petty politics. Decide what you would like to experience in that exact moment when you don’t like what is going around, and vocalise it. Start the trend. Do it.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this week could offer you marvelous opportunities to connect with and interact with those who are important to you. However, the bonding that will take place is with your Self. So pay very close attention to things you do not like or cannot appreciate. Therein lies much of the person you are. Look at your Self, then. Make peace, with yourself, not others.
  • For the voluntary care-givers… the week is especially revealing of all the alleyways within your psyche that could be clogged up, because of fear. You are already in the zone of understanding that journeys are solitary, while collaborations along the path enhance each journey. You are in the unique position to see working out independence, because you have acknowledged interdependency. Do your self-work with care and love for yourself… you will need your own support to stay on track.

A week that can bring out our light from under wherever we have hidden it!


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