And The Winner Is….. APRIL-arians!!!!

feature_april-month-featureTHE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN APRIL…





You have come a long way… and you know it already. And the energies around the day of your birth anniversary this year will likely remind you of it. You are a wonderful expression of stardust… so do hold on to that sparkle! 305-happy_birthday_balloon.jpg-JPEG-Image-350x350-pixelsExperiences, however tough they may have been, are not things that can dull your shine. In fact, I shall let you into a secret now…
Whatever you have been through that has seemed tough and debilitating is now under your feet. This is a two-dimensional metaphor. The first is that the worst is over and you are stronger, and in control of the situation once again… even though you seem to not realise it! The second is that those things you have experienced that pulled you down, have now congealed into the precise stepping stone that can boost you up to your next level.

When one has gone through uneasy times, it is easy to become negative and resort to playing the game of blame. However, this is not the end of your story, not by a long page! So why don’t you, instead, flip the lens around and build a different perspective? After all, lessons learnt through tough times are easier remembered and applied! And also, there is the bonus… of developing compassion!

Financially, the year will more likely throw up challenging opportunities for prosperity, rather than the actual moolah. You are being asked by your own Spirit to rise up to the challenge and decide once and for all what your identified integrity is going to be. Are you going to compromise on your values to ease out of the situation? Are you going to indulge in superiority over having money? Are you going to understand interdependence? These questions will need to be answered by you, for yourself, and will set the tenor for some time to come.
Relationships will need you to be the strong one, even when you need some support. That is the point… you are being asked to understand that you are your own best support. Once you have grasped and assimilated exactly how strong you are, you will be able to enjoy yourself.
At work, you are likely to put in a lot of effort. If you are willing to wait for your returns, then they will be manifold of what you can now put in.
If you are considering any long-term commitment, for which you would need to show a considerable amount of dedication, such as a college course, a skill-based learning, or a committed relationship… the time is ideal and promising. Your efforts will yield stupendous results when the season for fruits comes around!

What an empowering year ahead!


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