Born Again….You Are!!!

FOR THE WEEK 1st-7th APRIL, 2013….

Amazing grace….!

The message of the season we are living right now is of rebirth. Not birth, but rebirth. You have been through baby_dragonliving a way, you have died to it… had enough. Now, when you are ready to change, it does not have to be as an infant in the world. Rebirth. Carry what you will. Carry what you love. Know your Self and proceed. Find your journey…

And since that says it all, I shall keep the update for this week very, very simple… and the grace of rebirth in action is what is being reiterated by energies all around.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of your ideal/ dream/ desired/ yearned-for life, here is a questionnaire to keep with you as you go along…

1)  What, in your new life, will you commit yourself to… heart, mind and soul?
(Why would you do anything to which you would not commit?)

2)  How ready… emotionally, mentally, physically… are you to live the life of your spirit?
(Why would you live in a way that does not satisfy your spirit?)

3)  What strengths do you already have that you can develop by using in your new commitment?
(Why would you fret over the few weaknesses you perceive when your strengths are still under-utilised?)

4)  Is your plan of action ready?

5)  Are you cued in to your emotional guidance system?

6)  Are you pepped up with the energy you need to believe in and champion your way?

7)  Are you aware of the other resources you have in case some you are using right now outlive their usefulness?

That’s it.
When push comes to shove, you are out into the new world!

  • For the self-employed, this is your time to rise, claim your life and shine. (Yes, there are always and many such times, and will be…) Whatever you do, go full throttle. You have just birthed a new life, while keeping your memories of the earlier one. Get your act straight, together and off the launching pad. Do it now.
  • For the employed, you have a delicious time discovering yourself, given your view of the word in which you live. Your rebirth has boom in it, so amp it up. There is one aspect of your life which is unchanged, and it is the crux of your substantial existence… your employment. Figure out how you can be your best at what you do, better than earlier and even better than the demi-god to whom your employ-ical cord attaches you.
  • For the dependent, rebirthing has not been easy and you are not sure you appreciate any newness business. You are where you are and you feel the weight of your existence as always, anyway. So if you would rather not pretend that today is the first day of the rest of your life, you can still make a determined effort to find out and stick to what makes you happy. Your determination to be happy will actually lead you there.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, you are in an amazingly and silently explosive zone. Combustion is not necessarily destructive… it produces a powerhouse of energy that can fuel the rest of your life. The disappearance of your messiah from your past life means that you get to be your champion in this life. You have got all of this ‘mental’ stuff way ago. Now start living as though you have manifested it all, physically and emotionally. Great love, from your Self, awaits you!

What a wonderful world!
And it is just the beginning!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alain Guy
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 14:23:26

    So true for me right now.


  2. Kashish Sharma
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 16:58:07

    :* Mohini Thank U


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