Keep At It… And Keep It Up!!!

FOR THE WEEK 25th-31st MARCH, 2013…

insect_16864The wisest advice you would ever get from anywhere is from within you.
So whatever you have thought is the answer, will need to be followed through and expressed for you to find validation. This is the way forward on the map which says, “Everything passes…” Thus, if what you have decided suits you, you can move forward with it. If it does not suit you, you can let go of it and start again. There is absolutely no need, ever actually… not just in this week, to hang on to what does not suit you!

Now, as you follow through with your plan, you can master the situation at hand by balancing your energy and focusing your intellect on the way forward. Balanced energy is energy utilised in activities that are required to move forward… while dealing with other activities according to need. Your intellect is your resource. Also, it is important to know that the material manifestation of your success with your path has a close relationship with the resources that you use to manifest. Put some thought and care into how you replenish those resources, no matter whether they seem inexhaustible to you at this point, or not. This is as important in moving forward along our path as is the obvious utilization of those resources. Whether they be time, money, energy, or things and emotions… make sure you stop occasionally and put back what you have taken out. There is always a way.
In fact, in giving back what we take lies a great assurance of success built on dignity and respect. After all, no one lives in isolation. All of life is a web… and living it requires a weaving and upkeep of that same web!

  • For the self-employed, a week of subliminal challenges as you will repeatedly feel you can do better. The challenge is to stop castigating yourself and go do it. Not having done it earlier has got no relation to doing it well now. The challenge is also to recognise the possibility of bettering and being flexible. If this is a hard call, then it is certainly the call you need to answer. And all the while, you need to keep an eye on your inner guidance, as deflecting from it is never going to help.
  • For the employed, an indifferent week which can get progressively better and worthwhile, if you keep your focus firmly on the possibilities of future activities, and refrain from fanning glories of the past. You do not have to look too far ahead. In fact, your future is unfolding right now. The more energy you invest in what you can do further, the better your week will be.
  • A mixed bag of experiences for those who consider themselves dependent. You could already be going through times that are showing you possible changes required to be made in your thought processes… and that is already uncomfortable. However, putting your focus on how to make things feel better for you is going to serve you very well. So will the understanding that everybody is correct, given their perspective of the world.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, the week could extract far more of your energies than you initially feel ready for, but that, precisely, is the trick! If you can already do what seems to be beyond you, then what could possibly ever stop you from living your ideal life! Please notice, it is not a question. So there is no need to look for any answer. There is only a need to live the answer you already have.

A week of being aware of our role in the whole scheme of things… How wonderful, indeed!!!


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  1. 11ismagic
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 03:09:54

    Loved it Mo!!! You are inspirational!!

    Hema S Subramanyam Color D Earth An Eco Socio Enterprise Hyderabad India


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