Digging Deep For Your Treasure!!!

FOR THE WEEK 18th-24th MARCH, 2013…

There is some awesome data about how many thoughts pass through our mind per unit time, and about how many thoughts it needs for us to feel stressed and about how many thoughts… 0602110824 garden dirt digging for treasure hunter

All we actually need to focus on is that there is one thought at any given moment… moment being the unit of time decided by you… that completely and wholly belongs to our point of focus in that moment. And your ability to discern this pertinent data amidst boundless chatter is a beacon that can lead you to uncover your own light.
After all, what else is the purpose of our life!
You find your own light, you fuel it with your energy, you shine so brightly that you may even become a beacon unto others who may require that guidance! Talk about being spot on!!!

Here comes… the other side of light. Shadow. When you turn on your light, you throw your shadows into sharp contrast… very noticeable. You could find yourself looking at places and times you fell short of your image of yourself, or may have compromised with some parts of you for the sake of comfort for other parts of you. Or you could have done things out of sheer ignorance, or laziness. Own up. To yourself… Show yourself as your own loving teacher, parent, friend, lover what you did not like about those shadows and thus, what you would now like to construct. This is where from being a beacon, you can turn into a whole lighthouse! Take responsibility for your mistakes, and allow them to help you transform into a champion.
This process will not be easy. In fact, it will be a lot of hard work. So make sure you do not get diverted into frittering away your energies in pointless activities. Self-work takes precedence over everything else. Of course, you get to decide what your ‘self-work’ is… And the universe responds, “So be it!”
Every time you work at clearing obstacles as you have perceived, you are affirming the direction of your energy flow. And the momentum of manifestation builds up in that direction. Of course, you can change your mind, but make sure you do it when you find you are not on the path aligned to your goal. If you are on your path, then breakthrough moments are closer than you can see right now.

A very important key to successfully working through all of this is to keep things simple. When you find matters getting complicated, it is not the path where you need to be. This is Law.

  • For the self-employed, this is the moment where you can rectify mistakes you have made. Be your champion and save yourself. Rectification does not mean the result transforming itself from the undesirable to the desirable. It means retracing your steps to where the original deflection from your true path occurred and starting anew from there. Yes, there will be flak. Bear up, clear out as best as you can. There has never been any seed planted which gave of its fruit and then denied itself.
  • For the employed, great promise is held in great dedication… for all the correct reasons. Alignment with goals will pay off rich dividends. Forking in personal agendas will deplete the dividends. In your case, your aligning will have to be with your employer’s goals. Else, there is a mess.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a marvelous opportunity arises this week to stand up and acknowledge your contribution to yourself. Perhaps, a huge shift of perspective will then occur. Often systems which have outlived their usefulness are better thanked and let go of. The same holds true for belief-systems!
  • For those who are voluntary care-givers, dig a little deeper. There could be a clod of earth covering the brightest centre of your sun. Has there been a pay-off for a particular image that you have bought into? It was not necessary. You can be anyone you want to. You already are. It would help you to believe that you are. You do not need to buy into conditions that will declare that you are.

A week which can pop up much later and remind you of the history you started to rewrite… right here, right now!


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