Walking Through The Fog…. Keep Walking!!!

FOR THE WEEK 11th-17th MARCH, 2013….

When the way ahead seems foggy, and you are starting to panic, or feel depressed about how well you can manage yourself, it is time to slow down and firstly clear up the inside of your mind.

Fog, after all, is the product of climatic factors. 3124754678_f9f38584b7_z

So, what is your inner climate?
If you believe that you have all the ingredients you need right now to take your steps towards your goal, then start your steps. Looking into a few steps ahead could be the fog.
If you find, along the way, that some of your processes do not work, then drop them and find new processes. Hanging on to what does not work could be the fog.
If you find that redoing processes requires you to rethink some emotional bonds, and letting go of the bonds in favour of the goal seems a heartless thing to do, then consider not reaching your goal as an option. This could be your fog.
If you sit back and look at the bigger picture, you would see that there is place in All for Everything; so even if you perceive a relationship as a rival to your goal, there is place for both in the eventuality. Not seeing this right now could be the fog.
If you cannot see that the dream you have, the desire you live, the goal you reach for is the blue-print of your soul-purpose, and it is going to help you find your way through the maze, this could be your fog.
So, light your fire. The smoke, the dust, the burning of the eyes will all eventually settle down. Your passion for manifesting your desire will show you the way to fulfilment… and the light of this fire can also show you that your current perspective has its limitations…
This, then, is the final fog!!!

  • For the self-employed, a marvellous week to go forward step by step, provided you realise that every thwarted effort is an opportunity to learn more ways of doing something.
  • For the employed, an obviously and visibly satisfactory week at employment. Every step taken will be rewarded. Conversely, every step spotted and not taken will reiterate itself as a missed opportunity.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, times are anyway prodding you to wonder at your own perspective. Staying calm and grounded in the context of your life will show you your riches, while providing you opportunities to answer your own riddles.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, you have already been sifting and sorting. You are close to cracking your paradoxes, so keep at it. As the Law says, “All paradoxes must be reconciled”…

Wake up, suddenly… you’re in love!!!


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