HAPPY BIRTH ANNIVERSARY…. dearest March-borns!


Calendar-03-March-q75-500x409THE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN MARCH… 

Especially after your possibly exciting 2012, welcome to a far more stable 2013, dear March-borns! Happy birthday greeting cards graphics
‘Exciting’ could have been happy-making and celebratory. Or it could have been challenging, to put it politely… However your 2012 was, it did show a lot of energy upheavals, and guess what?
Whatever the events, whatever were your experiences within the context of those events, you have done good for yourself.
Take this on trust, if you cannot, at face-value. This year marks a fresh beginning for you, wherein your earlier experiences fertilise the new field you are about to till. The potential of seeing your life become the exact manifest stability you desire, is complete now.
The caveat? Expectations.
Usually, we want our future to be just that much predictable to actually repeat the familiar processes of the past, but with that much improvement to not repeat the familiar results of the past. If you see the dichotomy of this perspective, you are doing very well indeed, and you are likely to snap out of wanting different results out of doing the same things.
For most of you blessed March-borns, the year ahead promises improvement, financially, health-wise, and in the stability quotient of all relationships. You pretty much are starting with the world at your feet. So, with a bit of work on your optimism, you will also be able to see this for yourself!

Have a blessed year ahead, dear March-borns!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Neeraj Sheth
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 07:58:39

    Thanks a ton For Birthday Wishes. and Showing ray of Hope. I am sure after travelling such a long of 39 years life will change and will have good remaining life



  2. Chitra
    Mar 05, 2013 @ 13:36:04



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