Thy Will…. Being Done…!!!

FOR THE WEEK 4th-10th MARCH, 2013…

Proof of life is in dreaming of a better life. Revelation-Chapter-1-John-on-Patmos
Quite irrespective of whether you consider your life pleasing to you at this very moment, or not… you have dreams that you want to fulfil. And dreams have this underlying characteristic of being in the ‘future’…
This week’s theme reminds us that what you dream of is inexorably pulling you towards itself. Your creation yearns to be birthed through its god… you. And, in our material world, manifesting anything… anything at all… needs a plan!

Have you, then, laid out any sort of plan which would lead you to your manifested dream?
Working the plan is a journey, and like all journeys, it needs course correction along the way. It needs you to learn your life-lessons and it gives you the opportunity to meet countless others who have embarked on the route to fulfilment. Much of what you experience is not new… wisdom lies in your cellular memory. You are, after all, everything your ancestors bequeathed you with… just as you now are creating memory for the inheritors of your dreams.
From this point, your ability to engage your energies is your calling card. Make it such that you are glad to be identified with whatever you have engaged yourself with. The expression you choose for your energy is your legacy to the continuum of life.

There is a wonderful adventure embedded in this week… that of the torque.
You are required to bring out your best possible self in the context of your manifest life, taking into consideration all of your current experiences. And then, you are called to surrender your acquisition of ability to the greater gift, of allowing an other to express Self!
Wrest the world!… To place it at the feet of your love!

  • For the self-employed, a brilliant week to put a firm step in front of the other and move ahead…! Time cannot be shortened. It is there to be utilized in doing all the things you need, want and have to do.
  • For the employed, a wonderful week to now your mettle and how to extract the most productive results out of it. See…? What is produced is not a final result. It is another ingredient in the movement forward.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a marvelous week to put your ideas, beliefs and experiences in synchronisation with each other. Your key is that experience leads. Every time. And love wins. Also, every time.
  • For voluntary care-givers, a glorious week to experience your vision of the Divine manifest in even the almost-ignored moment. Transitions are shifting veils. Look beyond what you see and you will discover just how significant you are!

What a wonderful world…!!!!


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  1. Kashish Sharma
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 07:37:43

    :* Always Forever


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