Is It Safe To Play Safe?


There is a game we humans play with ourselves. It is probably the only make-believe we indulge in, with complete faith that it is not only mature, but actually the only mature thing to do. And we will go to any lengths to preserve the illusion that this is not only mature, but completely an adult reality, to justify ourselves.
The game is called ‘playing safe’… we even have ‘playing’ in the name, but we won’t recognise it as such!

This week provides us with the opportunity to call a game a game, much in the same spirit as calling a spade a 2558144251_c4b7ee5b34spade, and thus, empowering ourselves with the exact knowledge of our creative power! Honestly…

So, look at when you convince yourself that having fun is dangerous because the fun will be over one day, and you will be back to being glum. The switch is so painful, that you would rather stay without fun, than risk the pain of falling out of it…
How about this?
Recognise that whatever you have fun with cannot exist without your capacity to have fun. If you were deaf, what difference would sopranos or the quality of audio-cds make in your life? Just as you have your five physical senses to absorb physical information with, so you have some mental senses… one of which is the capacity to enjoy yourself.
Enter into the state of JOY.
It is not in that object to help you enter anywhere. It is in you.

As such, we have many such modules with which we play safe. To ‘en-list’ some more…
“You are selfish if you think of only your own happiness.”
“Your life purpose is to be of service.”
“You need to fulfil the expectations of people who love you.”
“You owe it to your family to succeed.”

Can you decode the ‘games’ hidden in these statements?

This week, you have the opportunity to realise that with the sole (soul) purpose of en-joying yourself…
Find out what you want to do with your capacity to take action.
Create the plan that will take you to your goal, given your context, resources and understanding.
Define success as the time when you are submerged in bliss… you become bliss.
Show up for yourself, in faith… in as much faith as the divine blue-print has made it possible for you to manifest into a human life.

En-list. En-liven. En-joy!

  • For the self-employed, it is crucial that you align your end-goal with your start-plan and all the in-betweens. Every place you are about to fall into a compromise, stop. Take a deep breath, check your faith, and start again. There can be no compromise with what you are. You would only end up trying to be what you are not.
  • For the employed, a wonderful week to meeting your Self at work, in tandem with a whole host of other Selfs… especially if you fall out of tandem with them! Don’t be afraid of rough patches, they will soon smooth over. However, keep your mental senses peeled to understand what causes those rough patches and how you relate to them. Great week to develop a sense of camaraderie…
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a gift of a week to redefine your understanding from a logical, analytical stand-point. Whether you try it through emotions, or whether you try it through reasons, eventually, the gap you see will be bridged when you decide to change some parameters, yourself. Perhaps, ‘selfishness’ is, after all, a virtue?
  • For those who are voluntary care-givers, a week that you can make sublime with all the opportunities to question yourself…
    What is your story?
    What are your relationships?
    Who is the other?

A week so awesome that I can’t wait to see you rock!!!


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