Happy Birth Anniversary, Februarians!!!!


…..2013, the year ahead is a most promising one, dear Februarians!5431287-happy-birthday-with-colored-letters-and-rainbow

Of course, a lot depends upon what you had promised yourself to achieve… because it seems that you have succeeded to a large extent.
This year, you will be able to ease up and smile, perhaps even laugh. If you allow yourself to acknowledge your blessings, you will discover plenty of compatriots happy for you and looking at you with pride in their gaze. Whatever the scale of grandeur, you are in a zone of celebration now. There is much around you to help you realise how worthy and deserving you are about every bit of your success.

Since the chunk of time in a year seems quite elongated to most people, you might become more aware, occasionally, of times when you do not feel like celebrating anything. And then, there will be times when you might wonder how ever could what just turned up, be what you have manifested. However, the energies that encourage your being this year will help you tide these moments, as well… especially if you sit down and count your blessings.
This, by the way, is a magic spell, just for you, this year, dear Februarians…
“When not sure of blessings, sit down and count them.”
I assure you, you will be amazed.

You will still have to work hard, yet you will have discovered the joy in it. Else, you will shift to the path where working hard will become a joy.
You will be assured of growth in finances, though you may be better advised to spend, and wisely, at that… rather than save.
Your relationships need you to give them a booster shot in the arm, and they will be revved up and raring to go. (Hmnn.. in case you don’t want to be the one to do it, and want the other to take the plunge first… do it, anyway. The power of magical transformation is with you, this year. Unless, of course, you are with another February-born!!! Whooosh!!)
You could do a fantastic job at whatever you set your heart on, this year… especially, those of the kinetic kind! (Get moving, get the picture!) The only thing that may hold you back from enjoying yourself is reading too much into anything. Disappointment is the twin of expectation… and I won’t tell you which one is the dark force. However, if you keep yourself firmly grounded into your context in life (please note that I didn’t say ‘reality’!) and if you allow yourself to enjoy what you have at hand, you are in for a good run through the year, and a sure rise-graph, mate!

So, happy birth anniversary, Februarians! Know that what you have in hand is great and also, if you look carefully, a trophy! You have achieved! 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruchi
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 19:39:15

    Thank you M. These are inspiring and beautiful words. Am looking forward to 2013! 🙂


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