Emerge… Into Your True Self!!!


FOR THE WEEK 18th-24th FEBRUARY, 2013

The pace of life is what we make of it. Always.

The week tells us that each individual is unique. The true purpose of each person lies in his/her recognising that uniqueness and being integrated with it. Happy-Woman
Viewing life through your unique perspective…
Understanding life through your unique perspective…
And living your life through your unique perspective… 

So, if thus far, you have been trying to live according to norms, and struggling, perhaps that had been a good starting point to find your own expression. Life’s structure supports all expressions. If you find some aspects of your life crumbling or falling apart, it could be because they no longer serve your purpose. You would bust the seams of the clothes you have outgrown, wouldn’t you! Life has infinite aspects… you will have others in the place of the ones you lose. The wisdom is in deciding for yourself which ones you would want to now fill you up… and the way to decide for yourself is to
*be centred and calm, and allow yourself to understand your true nature
*choose according to your nature
*be supportive of your choices, as you would for others.

  • For the self-employed, the week asks you to be consistently integrated with your nature and your desires from life. They are not separate from what you do. If you treat them as divested from your self, you will find gaps and lacunae where you desire a smooth flow. So do what you would do if you could do just as you will. Trust that you do not will anything that will be against your nature.
  • For the employed, it is a good time to remember why you had taken up this employment in the first place. That reconnection itself will be a good indicator for you whether you want to change your job or you want to be better where you are. At the end of all soul-searching, it is about you. The job that you hold can be your self-expression, or not. You choose.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, you are where you are in the scheme of things as you had always understood them. If you want change, you may find that trying to bring about such change is forcing issues that could bring about unpleasantness. It would be better, however, if you understand the nature of the aspect you want changed. That would tell you what has changed within yourself, and may help you to better integrate with the new you.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, it is time to acknowledge that structure supports you, and nature is your truth… but they are not at all mutually exclusive! Life is the structure. Life is nature. Whether you choose to view them in certain formats or not, they shift and change according to how you shift and change. The week provides you great opportunities to observe yourself, and make changes for the happier.

What an awesome week to come back to!!!


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