Are You Looking At Your Guiding Star?!

For the week 4th-10th February, 2013….

There has been a particular pattern of living that most of us who are now adults have grown up with and are habituated to practising…. And that has been a long, steady term of affirming. Star & Three Wise Men
Which we are now all called upon to change.
It is not easy. For some of us, it is very tough… very, very tough indeed. It signifies, sometimes, making everything ‘wrong’ to bring out the ‘right’. At other times, it is about being suddenly left with no knowledge, after years of considering yourself pretty out there. For most, it is frightening and destabilising.

However, every animal which moults, spends a few moments of undefined time in complete blindness. The only thing that pulls it forward is the leap of faith it has made towards rejuvenation… a life to be lived all over again, and this time, with choices powered by wisdom.

This week, we are again called to bring in clarity into our thoughts, through understanding that our capacity to think is optimised only when we are reaching for the fullness of our potential, and not when we are strategizing to make the best of what we are thrust with. And we can reach for our best possible selves when we are in love with life, being and doing what we love.
Often, we are kind and loving to others, and offer them the fairest deal to get on. This is a good time to apply it to yourself, as well. This is a good time to check that that responsibility you have shouldered is about you. That dream you have is not supposed to be buried. You are its ground of manifestation, if only you would do it for yourself. Not knowing how to can be frustrating. Yet, it is essential that you birth yourself again, learn again to live, this time for yourself, such that your world becomes your happiest expression.

First, moult.

  • For the self-employed, a week unabashed in its toughness. Get along answering your questions. You have a sounding board within you. Of everything, you can hear which one of your answers rings true. So what are you doing to act on that truth?
  • For the employed, an indifferent week. However, there is the possibility of discovering pearls of the unexplored deep once you sift through the sand that dupes you into believing life to be a desert. The more you acknowledge your goodness, the better you will be able to open up to the truth in your experiences. They may not all be delightful, but then, neither are the after-effects of a night of partying hard! Did that stop you from partying?
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a week of questioning the mix of thoughts and feelings, as they often appear contradictory. You could attempt to move towards reconciling paradoxes, if you start working from the point where you stand and transform it to one of love.
  • For those who choose to be care-givers, an amazing week where you could be sorely tested to give up and feel defeated, or feel you are living in a trumped-up reality, or on the verge of a break-through to a fuller life. Which do you want it to be?

A week that asks us, “Where is your guiding star?”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hema
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 04:40:27

    Beautifully expressed Mo! U r Blessed! ❤


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