Welcome To The Art Of DETACHMENT!!!


We all know the story where the teacher, in order to demonstrate a point, asks a student to hold up a pebble in the palm of his hand. As the lecture progressed, the student’s arm started to ache from holding the pebble up in one position… and progressively, the pain become excruciating enough for him to want to lower his arm. The point…?
That holding on to something that has no context in the flow of life can be excruciatingly painful, and completely unnecessary.

After all, the student could have refused to do it, to begin with! 🙂 Letting go

This week asks us to take a close look at what holds us stuck in our fears… and a wide-angle, a top-view, a tilted one, an upside-down…
Take all kinds of looks at your greatest fears that stop you from being your lightest, most glowing self. Begin with an honest over-view, where you call the warts exactly what they are. No justifications or excuses. You will immediately be able to see what holds you back and why. Indeed, it could be your loving parent most concerned about the possibilities of post-retirement benefits you could earn, if you are considering taking up deep-sea diving guides for beginners as a career. However, there is no substitute for passion… and you could learn this either when the opportunities go away forever, or by attempting to step forward and deal as they come.

If you can push ahead, you will not be cast off alone in a big, bad world. There is no big, bad world. On the contrary, there is a bigger, good world. And in pushing out and away from your fears, you will find help surfacing out of nowhere. Even somewhere, anywhere. You are never alone.
What you will indeed discover is the added benefit of devoting all the dedication you have pent up in you, to work at your own dreams. If you are fretting, you may find that you are required to detach from some emotional drama… sometimes, in dramatic ways! However, the good news is that no true relationship is ever lost, even if they appear to go for separate walks for a while. So if you have to thwart some expectations of dear ones to step on to your rainbow path, do it. Paradoxically, when you have made it, that will put everything right on its head again!

There is an important lesson here.
What we feel is an excellent indicator of how empowered we are to be our own champions. If you are feeling less than optimistic, sit back and take stock of the clarity in your head. Chances are you will find it lacking. So give yourself the time you require for the darkness to lift. It inevitably will. You will come upon the knowledge you need to go forward, if you do not chafe at not-knowing! Spoiler alert: Not-knowing is the gateway to knowing, dude!

Eventually, you will realise that it is the alignment of you, your desire, your understanding, your processes, your evolution, your dedication, and most importantly, your love… brings about manifestation.

  • For the self-employed, a very challenging week, if you miss breathing deeply and remembering that clarity can get rid of fears and bring about progress.
    So, please, do keep reminding yourself.
  • For the employed, a good week at work, which however, will keep you entrenched in your own definition of yourself.

(Unless you want to change it, of course!)

  • For the dependent, a week of ruminating over all the various types of communications in which you engage in your relationships, and the reasons for those. Good news: if you are honest with yourself, you will see an improvement in the flow of communications.
  • For the voluntary care-giver, a marvellous week to rediscover the connection between the inner you and your external circumstances, albeit through a little rub-down the wrong way. By the end of the week, you will likely feel elevated.

A week I would call a practical lesson in detachment, if you please!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nilu
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 07:14:47

    hmmm ..so well said mohini…. i am very sure i will try it this time, try to understand my fears and work on it……..!! 😀


  2. bodhimoments
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 07:20:47

    So many points to be thoughtful in this article. Thanks,


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