Writing Your Story, Painting Your Picture….

FOR THE WEEK OF 21st-27th JANUARY, 2013….

Start off… straight off! 45291984
While you paint the picture of your life with your actions, remember that your intentions sustain the canvas on which you are painting. Be vigilant for yourself. Does your intention get its voice though your action? It matters not who hears you, who listens or who understands what of you… what matters is what you are telling yourself. Always, always strive to balance your steps with your gait.
Of course, there are a myriad different things occurring simultaneously around you. Some of them are even connected to your story. However, you do not have to scrabble around for all the threads you feel connected to all of the time. At this moment, choose your goal and stay focussed on it. For this moment, choose that goal which will consume all of your interest and engagement, because it is on the path of coming to you.
Just as you are not to pick up engagements that divert you from your goal, so are you not to hoard any energy that does not directly sustain you at this moment. Share, instead… give away time, energy, information, your story, things… whatever you are not using right now. Travel light. Whatever may be your daily routine, however many may be your responsibilities, keep some time of the day, every day, to dedicate to your goal, your dream. Make it a part of your everyday routine. If you are already working on it, increase the intensity another couple of notches. In this showing up for yourself, you will eventually realise that you are learning how to focus all energies on your life-path… however the action may appear to sundry observers. In your taking steps to benefit yourself, all that you do will also eventually benefit you. You will be able to reconnect with the resources you were born with, that are all within your nature, capabilities and interests.
And from that vantage point of wholeness, you will start your brand new life!

A week of wonders under the surface! Dig deep, folks!

  • For the self-employed, a tough week ahead, as results of efforts are not as quickly visible as you would want them to be. The point is, if you are taking the steps for a certain result, you know it will show up… eventually. Contingencies that delay your desired goal maybe part of other stories that you now need to release.
  • For the employed, a better week than your employers, as what happens around you is more or less expected and predictable. There are no major shake-ups lurking around. But a good soul-search of your motivations and the simplicity of your paths of action is a very, very good idea.
  • For the dependent, you are in the…ummm… shall we call it ‘danger’?… of slipping back into the patterns of thought that were turning depressing. Remember, you grew into the unfamiliar. Now your new optimism you are working towards will deserve at least some time to grow into similar familiarity! So pull up your thinking socks and understand true flow of energy!
  • For the voluntary care-givers, this week provides a veil of questions that you must answer for it to lift and reveal a startling clarity of vision for you. The circumstances are hum-drum, but don’t be taken in by the ordinariness. It was when the world was asleep that the messiah was born!

Have your own fun!!


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