Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say!!!

I hope this helps me, as I am a toddler when it comes to walking my talk…! C

Did you think that I meant I can’t walk? Sure, from the perspective of an adult, a toddler can’t walk.
But from the toddler’s notion of the world…? Boyo, the fun has just begun!!!

So, the first word is ‘possibility’…
Endless possibilities… Infinite possibilities…
Everything is possible.

Indeed, it is. Everything is possible. But what exactly does it mean to you? Or me? Or to any one person? That brings us to ‘probability’.
Amongst everything that is possible, what is probable for me is the range that fits into my life. What is likely to happen, and then, the stuff not likely to happen. The unlikely may happen, but at a stretch, and we are talking average, visible range here. For example, a male human pregnant with child is ‘possible’, not ‘probable’.

Then, I still wouldn’t look at all the probabilities. For instance, I wouldn’t look at things I don’t like… So that narrows down my options.
That’s up next… ‘options’. The things one is likely to consider as do-able, include-able, believable… at a rough glance. On closer scrutiny, one turns up projections of the fall-outs of those options, and thus, some fall off the list. You know, those “Not an option!”…

That leaves us with ‘choices’.
These are the ones we would choose to do, given our context, our experience (past), and our desires (future). And thus, we would make the one choice we choose, our Present!!!


And now that you, or I, or someone has chosen… please remember that it is one out of infinite possibilities! I hear you ask me why you would have to remember that, or why it should be particular at all, because after all, if you can choose once, you can choose a gadzillion times! Indeed, you can, but the fact remains that you stay with what you have chosen to do, be, say, want… whatever… till you can. So let us look at the various ways we make a choice…

Impulse: We alight on a twig, we fly away… which goes to say, that making a choice out of impulse is fleeting. There is an external stimulus which causes the impulse, and the moment it is gone, our impulse disappears, as well. Short-lived? You’ve got it!  And cart-loads of regret to go with it!

Reaction: This is also a response to external stimuli… It may be of longer life-span than an impulse, but it still is dependent on the existence of the stimulus that brought it about. You may not acknowledge that you regret the decision made through reaction, but you will discover a continuous need to validate it.

Thoughtful: This is very highly thought of… very left-brained. Analysis of the past, conclusions arrived at present and applied to the future. Most would completely support this process. Most. Some would notice… that you have just made your past the blue-print of your future. Suppose, just suppose, you did not want it? However, this method is so admired that people tend to make themselves ‘wrong’ rather than debunk the method itself.

Feeling: This (sigh!) is the least used method… mostly because we don’t know what it is or we have no idea how to identify it. However, here is a shot at it… This is the place where your body lets you know what your heart is talking about which your spirit knew all along. This is the place where you feel happy, and hopeful and you could sing about all being well. Language does not have much to say about this, but idioms sure do! There is a treasure trove of descriptions about choices made through ‘feelings’ in every language. That is what is being described when we talk of ‘feeling it in our bones’, and ‘something in my heart said’, and then there is that ‘gut-feeling’…
Not very popular, however, considering we worship the left brain.

But choices made through ‘feelings’ get you in touch with your magic. Along the way, what appears to ‘thoughtful’ and ‘reaction’ as ‘obstacles’ and ‘challenges’, miraculously turn into interesting geographical diversions customised for your entertainment. You do not know where you are headed when you set out, but when you reach there, you are completely in love with yourself.

And you come to the core of it all once again… that your life is all about you.

Inasmuchas, heretofore… starting with whatchyamaycallit, leading right up to thereafter, the more we look for words to answer our questions, the more we become vulnerable to ignorance.

That brings us to ‘question’, and the ship in the dark that it is… But methinks it is grist for another round at the RFandD mill.

I love you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 18:32:22

    Now, that you’ve come full circle with that, can I maybe just suggest something… please??? Just breathe!! Inhale gratitude, exhale love, inhale love, exhale peace, inhale peace, exhale gratitude… and relax! Whew!!! Now, isn’t that better? Oh, and by the way… I love YOU, too! ♥


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