Change? If You Please….?

FOR THE WEEK 14th – 20th JANUARY, 2013…

Of one fact of life can we be very sure… change is inevitable. whirling dervish

Everything, at all moments, is changing. That does not negate or contradict human love for stability, yet we invariably feel threatened by the idea of change. We try to resist change, and we try to hold on to things in the way we want them to be… yet, change has occurred, and at such a place that if we have tried to hold on to anything, it is also gone. And that place is within us.

In actuality, what has changed, and will keep changing, is within us. Our core keeps shifting and adjusting itself to our inevitable growth and expansion, whether or not we know it.

So, this week’s energies remind us about change.
First, we encounter its inevitability… and if we are not watchful, we will not realise that we, too, have changed. In fact, it is because we shift that our circumstances shift. That we are not aware of our own shifting sands is not the story of what we observe in our circumstances. So, soon, we will encounter unfinished business. They reside deep in our memories. Sometimes we develop a relationship with them. Yet, resolution of the unfinished part is of essence. Likely, we would still be mixing up resolution with having to let go, and we would still be uneasy. Yet, time will inexorably present changed circumstances… and it is up to us to understand that is seeing the change, we are actually seeing our own out-dated perspective. How we pick ourselves up and decide to respond now is an important indicator of the tone, whether musical or muscular, of your next phase of life.

Then, we encounter our lack of readiness. Of course, we have the opportunity to withdraw and introspect. If we prefer making informed choices, we would want to give us the time to observe newness and how we resonate to it. We may want to delve into our experiences and our learnt wisdom, or the collective consciousness, or ancient knowledge… to show us the way forward. We will still not understand that, because we observe what we are, we are seeing changes because we have changed…
And we will try to make peace, rework, and connect with our inner selves.

If we are ready, we will see that our inner core is only about our primal needs. Everything we feel is crumbling, is actually telling us where we have covered up our truth and constructed an acceptable facade. We have tried to make life work outside in. If we are ready to face our fear, then behind that face of fear we will discover the soul of our own inner strength. The purpose of duality is to help us choose our place on the scale. The purpose is not confusion. If we are confused, it is because we have not yet owned our strength.

It is time.

  • For the self-employed, a week apparently filled with difficulties that thwart your motion forward. Time to recall, that what you are seeing now is what you had put in motion earlier. If it is not as you had imagined it would be, now is the time for necessary corrections… and not for cribbing and cringing and whining and blaming!
  • For the employed, a week of feeling burdened and responsible. The best way to utilise this energy in a feel-good manner, is to do a reality check of what you have wanted and what you have received. The purpose is not to castigate yourself for skewed wanting, but to henceforth adjust your actions according to your wants.
  • For the dependent, a week of apparent discomfort and feeling hedged in. This is an opportunity for you to realise the tango in universe that is performed by the principle of duality. And if you do not utilise it, there will be others, and anyway, “this, too, shall pass…”
  • For the voluntary care-giver, a week of awesome possibilities of self-discovery and enlightening moments. All the party will be below the waves… and it is up to you to enjoy the solitary journey, or chaff at the solitude!

What an amazing, power-packed and subliminal week, folks!
Chin up!!!


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  1. bodhimoments
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 21:44:11

    Thanks. By the way, great new background


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