Where Is Your Touch-Stone….?

FOR THE WEEK 7th-13th JANUARY, 2013…  

china-chinese-gymnastics-kids-training-20First, the good news…
Your experiences, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, form the wealth of your resources. It is up to you to distil the knowledge you have gained from them and extract your wisdom. It is this wisdom which is the formula you apply to your life in your future.
When you apply the wisdom you have extracted to your own life, what is visible to others as your life-experience becomes of such merit that you earn the reputation of having cracked the code. Your living becomes an inspiration for others.
For yourself, each step that you now take, applying the wisdom you have distilled, leads you to gratifying success at that level, with hope to go further in the future. Beautiful…

Now, the better news…
You, however, are likely to forget the most important lesson you have learnt thus far… which is, that there is no slack. Just because you see success step by step, does not mean that you can then jump steps. You can’t. The very fact of your lesson learnt reminds you that without understanding of the natures of your Self, your Goal and your Path, you cannot reach the top of the tree. And your Path needs you to go step by step. If you remember this, you will know that when you do get excited by the brilliant future that suddenly seems possible, plan, plan and then, plan… keeping in mind your Self, Goal and Path. It is then that you will spot the effulgence increase…
If, on the other hand, you do feel too charged up to exercise patience, you will end up mis-stepping, and thus dissipating your abundant energy into unproductive action. It is not a nice feeling. However, it is again a necessary rap on your knuckles, because you have learnt this lesson earlier.
(Thank goodness for the patience of the divine!)
So, have the grace to understand the Grace!
Slide down a few notches and start again. Nothing is lost if you integrate your lesson with your Self. Keep taking the steps that your stride fits normally into. The next level will wait for you. Always.

Now for the best news of all…
Always, forever, as an individuation of the divine spark that lights up all consciousness, you are your own best friend. It may take you a while to get your act in order… but, get it you will. Bliss is inevitable. Be kind to yourself, and keep showing up. Your goal will be brought to life because of you. So do not buy any more into the idea that you are worth your achievements. What you see, is your vision.
Always, forever…

  • For the self-employed, the week promises to be very promising, indeed… provided you do not take uneducated risks. You have the experience to know what is best for you, according to your own judgement. Do not for even a moment think that another’s model would fit yours if your heart is not in it. Now is the time to be conscious and aware of all your parts… heart, mind, brain, ego, limbs… and function as an integrated whole.
  • For the employed, it might get difficult for you to contain your arrogance, if any. You are ‘right’… however, so is everybody, given their context. Else you might feel argumentative. Either way, it is about you, and maybe this is the time to step back and check what more you want out of your work-life… not what you want to lessen.
  • For the dependent, this is a marvellous week to understand that ‘manipulation’ is the ability of the fingers to make those synchronised movements that make a knot possible in an open-ended string. It is not a required attitude to have your needs made. So unless you are tying a knot, don’t manipulate. You are safely held in the divine vision, always, forever.
  • For the voluntary care-giver, it is a holy time to get to know your abilities and desires better. They will be meeting on the same road… make sure you understand your motivations and inspirations very thoroughly before you head out on to the next part of your journey.

What a breathtakingly beautiful week ahead, folks!


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