Happy birth anniversary, Januarians! And doubly so, because now is the start of an era, as you make it!  depositphotos_2768394-Happy-birthday-heart

Whatever you have gone through up until now, you need to look at it… all of it… as a resource worth all the wealth of the world, because now you have come upon a time where your innate and intrinsic desire of life can distill wisdom from your life-experiences. You have the capability of realising and assimilating the formula of experience-> knowledge-> wisdom…

In the year starting on your birthday, you are blessed with the youthful eagerness of a new-born. You will be ready to apply all that you have learnt, and yes, you have indeed learnt much in the years past. You will also have the wisdom available to you, of being detached from the emotional drama of expecting particular results from your actions. This is very powerful indeed, as this wisdom will enable you to move away easily and painlessly from any mis-step and help you correct your course with agility of mind and humbleness of spirit.

In fact, this humbleness of spirit shall prove to be your talisman this year. You now know enough about life to understand that there are no absolutes. So you will have an enchanted time of enjoyment in the experiences you now engage, knowing that you are capable of shifting tracks and gears as and when the need arises. It is akin to re-birth to realise that you do not control anything except your thoughts. You will be the perfect example this year of being in control of your thoughts and allowing the rest to unfold.

In matters of finance, go with the flow. Do not get into dark rooms of panic, it will not be necessary. Relationships, whether personal or of work, will need focus on communication… which must be remembered is a two-way street. This is an exciting year of growth from the inside out… so remember that when you consciously co-create with your divine!



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  1. Monica Beach Wilcox
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 17:12:17

    Thank you for sharing, Mohini! Splendid message to kick off my birthday.


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