We may not have stumbled upon a distant land when we woke up this past week. We may not have hurtled through the rabbit hole and found ourselves on the other side of midnight. We may not have discovered flying carpets locked inside forgotten chests… But sure as your little hair on the nape of your neck… we are ascending.

What is the life you thus want to live?

We know some, we don’t know most. It is with introspection that we come to know, progressively, more and more. There is no ‘all there is to know’. So, more than before is good enough. Start now. You don’t have to take a holiday from your usual routine, or sit in a meditative corner to introspect. Just hold the intention in your mind, and observe all your thoughts, memories and stored emotions that you churn around in your mind.
An d, from what you observe, be honest about your feeling. Everything that hurts you has to heal. A wound is the place from which you let your faith seep away. So allow healing. Whatever time it takes… because healing is a process intrinsic to your nature, not to your calendar.
If you try to move forward without healing, you would expect your experiences to repeat themselves. You would fear the same things repeating themselves. You would not recognise fresh opportunities merely because events look similar. Thus, new energies waiting to surround you will not be able to help you, either. And your own energies would be at less than optimum. You would end up doubting your own capacities… not realizing that you did not fill up the tank before you set out.

Know that since you live in the physical realm, everything for you will manifest here. Always has, always will. All your actions will have results and effects that will be visible and tangible in your manifest realm.  So observe everything around you to be clued in to what you actually are doing. This is a marvellous opportunity for constant course correction, till you can be the very arrow you have shot, as well as the target. With this keen level of awareness, and being healed and whole, make your new beginning. You have wisdom from your experiences, not wounds. You know of collaboration of resources, not of compromise. You know your vision of the future, not a model you have to try to fit…
Be grateful for what you see around you, even if you hate it. Remember, the Law is of cause having effect. The result you see now had a cause that went before. To change the effect, you have to change your action… and now you have the wisdom you require to take that action which is more in alignment with what you want. The Law will always ensure that you will reap what you sow. It is up to you to exercise conscious awareness in what you sow.
And the Law of Polarity will ensure that you will experience the polar variations of everything in your perspective. It is an environment to help you clear your thoughts and become sure of your commitment… it is not a conspiracy to kick you off the track. So check and re-check your motivations every moment. Commit to yourself your life and its living.

  • For the self-employed, a good week to surge ahead, in exact match to the amount of belief you have in the validity of what you do.
  • For the employed, a very good week to surge ahead with understanding of the powers of collaboration. Nobody is alone, ever.
  • For the dependent, it is time to heal differences which make you feel separate from your own. You are not, so give yourself the opportunity to see how intrinsic you are to the web of your life.
  • For the care-givers of volition, this is a powerful week that will make you look into the mind of your heart and discover the mirror that stares back at you with your truth waiting in it.

Walk the talk, dear preacher! Your time is now!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 19:05:02

    Mohini, your posts always leave me in a thoughtful and pensive mood. I love how you challenge me, gently and conspicuously. This is, indeed, a time to SHINE! to throw off the anchors and sail into a created reality knowing we can change course at any time… thank YOU! Much love, light and bountiful blessings to you in the New Year! ♥


    • theredfoxanddeerlady
      Dec 31, 2012 @ 03:33:16

      Jean, thank you so much for your generous and kind appreciation…
      Those who have been touched by you, know you as a beacon. Shine on, Lady! The Divine is in us!
      Love, light and in the flow for 2013!


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