Povilas+Vanagas+Margarita+Drobiazko+Olympics+-Ifurohd9AhlRecently, while I was completing a course in hypnotherapy, the class had a shared experience. There was a pregnant lady in the batch, and the baby was the gateway to Archangel Metatron arriving in grace, and conducing the whole class of open-hearted men and women to connect with and thank the Divine Feminine for our being. Just that.
The simplicity of the request touched and awed us. But it was not all. As we formed a circle, joined hands and bowed our heads, we felt a column of connection in which all of us were held, and the column seemed to pervade all dimensions and energies. It had the most noticeable thrumming energy.
And then came the message…
“The Feminine and the Masculine are not opposites. Neither are they forces opposed to each other at any time. Whether they are involved in co-creating another being or whether they are simply exploring their individuation through experiences, they are not each other’s cause and effect, and thus the only way they connect and weave their destinies together is by will.”

Of course, it was very pretty and not a single word was understood. In a way, thank goodness for the time we take in realising, understanding, absorbing and recalibrating our lives.

So, here is my first step.

As an individuation of the Divine Feminine, I welcome, acknowledge and accept the Divine Masculine.

You see, I have been watching the guys around me. The effort they are putting in to cope and assimilate as the balance tilts askew in favour of the woman… the courage they are showing in the face of the complete unknown, right in their own backyard… the bewilderment they are battling, in the face of being expected to know things they, frankly, did not care to know!  I am watching them, and I see them…

Like that youthful artist who had modelled his life as a rebel against establishment… He found himself when he pushed against all known walls and structures, be they parental admonishments or education’s dictums. He carved an identity for himself when he walked the conventional rebel’s path of drink and drugs, and found the courage in himself to throw it away and know himself anew. He chose a woman for himself who did not fit into any of the moulds he had encountered.
And began all over again…
He is holding on to just one idea in his head, that he loves his woman. And arranging and rearranging himself to understand that he had chosen to throw away all moulds.

Like that nearly middle-aged man who lost his marriage to ideologies and differences… He worked his way through the support of his friends, through the discussions of his family who gathered around him, through the general social consensus of she was better gone, being the weird woo-woo chaser that she was. He carried on with his life and his understanding of how it should be, the correctness of dealings and relationships in the prescribed and normal way… till one day he stopped and decided to just love his wife, just the way she was. It mattered to him that she did not fit into his scheme of things at all, yet, it mattered less than seeing her happy to be herself. He just kept widening the space he could give her, and kept stepping away and out of her range… adjusting, adjusting to the idea of letting her grow the way she would, watching in wonder that a woman so happy could possibly not be wrong.

Like that old man who has put in seven decades of being in the right already… He has this past decade suddenly come face-to-face with a belief that everything, and possibly every other thing, too, that he had been taught about women, and thus, men, is wrong. That made him wrong for the better part of his life. And he had become habituated to being the way he had grown up to be. Yet, as he stared at his daughters distancing themselves from him in order to be happy, he looked around himself and found his own happiness. He did not apologise for the way he had been. Instead, a day at a time, he became somebody who would talk to women the way they wanted to be. A day at a time, he found ease inside his own soul, and he could let women be…

Like that man who identified himself with the money he earned, because every man in his family were defined by their money. And every woman he met encouraged him to earn more, better, larger… till he caught sight of the encouragement, and groped for it in his own heart. And he found both women and men in the same structure, struggling in the same manner to reach a consensus of sense.

I see you.
All men, who are coping with a changing womanhood, I see you. All men, who are trying to change without guidelines, without acclaim, without public validation of behavioural codes, and most excruciatingly, without any sense of belonging either in the old world or new… I see you.
And as a woman, I know you will make it.
Because what you are offering to the growing Feminine, as an honourable Masculine, is unconditional love.

Because the Feminine and Masculine are exploring their individuation through experiences… in being, and letting be.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nilu
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 18:11:44

    thanks you……… thank you…… thank you…….


  2. jazzspazit
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 19:04:17

    Tuffeee you are Me 🙂 ❤ You make me You are just being ❤ Tuffeee I embrace your being as I embrace me ❤


  3. bodhimoments
    Dec 30, 2012 @ 02:04:42

    Thank you for reminding us to look around us, to see, and to embrace both the Feminine and the Masculine, just as they are.


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