FOR THE WEEK 24th-30th DECEMBER, 2012

Magic_stonesEver watched a magic show….?
Eyes wide, bated breath, disbelief on a quick holiday… with absolutely no idea what could pop out and stop your heart with utter delight…?
And then, walking away after the show, wanting to be a magician, yourself…?

Well, here’s the low-down.
You are. You have been performing magic all along, and you have gotten yourself to where you are precisely through this magic…
It is not magic’s fault that you don’t remember!!!

This week, the Tarot energies remind you once again. You are capable of magic. You can do anything you want. It is the sum total of your abilities and desires to create for you what you have imagined.
And then again, everyone is a magician. All people around you are just as capable and as divinely gifted as you are. It is up to you to acknowledge and accept that this fact is not paradoxical at all. You do not need everybody to be incapable to be sure of your capacity. However, you do need to understand the power of the collective consciousness. It builds. So you are also being encouraged by energies of the week to collect around you people who share your ideologies and goals… in short, the same magic.

So, now, with the life experience you have already had, and with your collaborators around you, it would be plausible that you can take such action of which you can understand the action. It is called ‘prediction’… and all that is, is the ability to understand the consequences of actions. In short, magic in action…

This requires you to choose your path, process, implements and skill set in alignment and integrated with your nature. Be your dream, and see it manifest. This is magic at its peak. With this alignment, no one can go wrong… and this aligning cannot be manipulated! In short, magic perfected…!

However, having lived through the life you already have, you are in relationship with many ideas, people and things which cast their spell on you. Yes, you may have begun collecting your tribe around you, yet, there may be some who diminishes your drive to soar… who make you feel less… who put ‘compromise’ back into your vocabulary. What are they still doing in your life? Have you not understood that you do not have to give up a relationship to cut loose from restrictions? Time you did, buddy… time you did!
The vision of your perfect life that you have seen is yours, and is awaiting your particularly unique magic to come to life. It is the purpose of your soul to create with your unique magic the particular scenario you want for yourself. It is in the process of manifesting your dream do you realise how abundant your resources are; the more you set into alignment, the more that pours into your life.

  • For the self-employed, what are you waiting for? Everything that you now want, lies on the path ahead of you. Go for it, go for it! Only, remember that ‘it’ is what ‘you’ want…
  • For the employed, this week shows up marvellous opportunities to better your previous track records, improve your performance, and in this, know yourself with greater clarity. You could, if you choose to, make it a tough time for yourself, but on the other hand, you could also get ready to take leaps of faith.
  • For the dependent, the week is one of good cheer and homeliness. However, be aware of the underlying message you send out to those with whom you interact. It could be that which you do not want received! So watch your communication and your understanding of integrity.
  • For the care-givers of volition, this week will bring you growth that is sharper and more escalated than you have experienced lately. As clear you are in your commitment to your ideologies, will the visibility of your path to you be!

Magicians! You are up, next!!!


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  1. nilu
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 17:20:36



  2. bodhimoments
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 06:32:36

    I am a magician?! Yipee!


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