Who Is Afraid Of….. YOU?

Ballet_Bondage_No_2_by_johntisburyFOR THE WEEK 17th-23rd DECEMBER, 2012….

Why do we miss miracles?  
Why do we take for granted the magic the Creator has woven around us and as us?

It is in nourishing, nurturing and showing up for our own selves do we discover the treasures that lie within us. Of course, considering the fact that we have learnt to see with only our eyes, more often than nice, we feel thwarted in doing what we want to do. We seem to have to do only what we are supposed to do…

And to get back into your power, to rediscover the treasures you were gifted with, when you were born, you may need to withdraw from engaging in all those supposed-to-dos. Especially, if what you want for yourself, and what the world, the system, your education, your current life… tell you that you should want, seem to be very disparate pictures…
And having withdrawn from engaging, you have to develop for yourself the power to say no. And the power to say yes… You have to have the will to be yourself. You will need to develop the discernment to understand and break away from the bonds that hold you back.
This is still a tough one for most of us. We have Sacrifice for a hero. We still do not get the picture that when we are our best possible selves, we become the hero! So, cutting off and breaking loose to be our most breathtakingly beautiful is… well, tough.
The point here is that there are no half measures for the Self. There is nothing less than all. All. It is Law. If you go all out, you are given equivalently boosting help from the universe. But first, you have to take the step. With a clear intention. You have to understand that being your best is not about others having to suffer, or be less than theirs. So if you break off from what is holding you back, you are also releasing that bondage from fear… get that!
So even if your journey into power looks as though it is taking you away from comfort and love and familiarity, it’s secret is that it will make you powerful enough to carve out for yourself all the comfort and love and familiarity you want, afterwards… That’s the deal. You give up being afraid of the unknown… the unknown becomes your friend and offers you all you need to know. Before you know, you will have gained back what you thought you had lost… and better!
You see, in deciding to be powerful, you send out the best possible message you can, to everybody watching you, and to the universe. You, my dear, become your higher self!
• For the self-employed, the time has come. What do you want to see yourself as in your manifest world? What is stopping you? What can you do to release yourself and step up? You get as much and more, of what you give… and your own self is what you are required to give.
• For the employed, quit complaining now. Understand that you have chosen to be where you are for a very good reason. If that reason still holds good, then pull up your socks and do your walloping best. What you will see is so promising that you will wonder why you had not developed this attitude earlier.
• For those who are dependent, it is time you realized the structure of dependency that you have created to imagine yourself into. Does it still hold good? If you want to stay in those definitions, then expect to feel the same way as you have been feeling. You do not have to jeopardise your safety in the attempt to think more clearly.
• For those who are care-givers, this week promises a major breakthrough in terms of your thought processes. Wherever you are headed, you are likely to feel closer to your goal than you ever have.

Dreams are meant to come true… through you!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 02:18:04

    Very well explained, Thank you, Mohini!


  2. Hemali
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 12:13:03

    Dearest Mohini,
    Thanks ever so much for the insight… I have been ruminating over defining true independence… :)) ….


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