The Time…. is Here!!!!

FOR THE WEEK 10th-16th  DECEMBER, 2012….

You, who is reading this blog right now… you, yes, you…
Your time has come.rope_bridge

All that you have grown to become is valid. Now is the time to let out the inner you, who has become mature and courageous enough to take on the outer world and change it to suit itself.
Now is the time to walk your talk, and live your love.
Change is imminent. What will now be has the life-force of a new-born, full of potential and possibilities. Whatever you have gone through and experienced, be ready to let it go. Wisdom does not need to lug around the past as its proof of being. Pare yourself down to your core intent, and keep it in focus. The time coming up will allow you to find all the actions and expressions that are in alignment with your intent, as opposed to being aligned with external situations.
For those that have managed to start living with intent, strengthening your energies with bonds forged out of commonalities of belief, celebration is at hand. For others who still doubt, you will reach there, too.
It has started with you choosing to be yourself. It has grown to others choosing to be themselves. In allowing of self has been discovered that there is thus an allowing of all. This is true support. And through this support is everybody empowered. It is now imperative to withdraw from any energy that is not supportive of you. Be your own emotional parent. Do not compromise any more for form’s sake. Focus on building your own emotional resilience. In divine design, everyone belongs.

When in doubt, draw on the wisdom of the past, without trying to replicate its form. Your past has shown you your blue-print. Build what you will with its wisdom. In case of conflict of ideas, trace the path that is pencilled with your intent. If you want to remain honest to your intent and integrity, there can be no compromise.

  • For the self-employed, this week will have opportunities to show you that your intent, wisdom, dreams and dedication are the ingredients of your new landscape. If you are trying to replicate models from the past, they make not work in your new future.
  • For the employed, the week ahead will offer you chances to excel at your work, not because you will be rewarded, which you will be… but because you need to demonstrate to yourself you own excellence.
  • For the dependent, the week promises to spin the web of bonding closer and tighter. There will be questions on your mind, but the answers would be too challenging for you to accept as anything other than aberrations . You will let your context decide your definition.
  • For the care-givers, this week is elevating and uplifting. Difficult, yes, but not threatening… merely reminding you that integrity is with the self, and not with externalities.

Rise and shine, folks… The dawn is near!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janet53
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 20:11:11

    Great wisdom shared here. Thank you! 😉


  2. nilu
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 15:18:32

    really really true……….!!


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