Eagle in the Sky!!!!


When you find people with whom you share something, then the feeling of familiarity that develops is very reassuring. The most intense and fulfilling bonding occurs when that sharing is of beliefs and perceptions. This is your true community. It is here that you are validated, stabilised and strengthened.
This week, you will be reminded of the importance of having support from your community of shared perceptions.
Every person has his or her own unique capabilities, the expression of which puts you in the place of attracting those around you who may need, want, like and appreciate your unique gift. However, this is not your tribe. People who share your beliefs create your tribe, not people who connect to your gift. This is a stratum where you are the sole preceptor, and thus your energies sustain the ones drawing nourishment from them. You could slip into the mode of identifying with your gift and thus, could be frustrated if the way your gift is used does not satisfy you.
So this week, you will also be reminded to share your capabilities because you have them, and not because you either like the way some people use them, or because of what you get in exchange, or modify it relevant to current conditions.
In case you have slipped away from expressing your uniqueness just because it is for you to express… you would feel that your energies are dissipating into negativity. You would, then, need to relax, retreat, rejuvenate your Self, by reconnecting to the original fruit of your gift and with those joys of giving you had experienced in the past. This joy is what you aim to duplicate, and not the triggers of joy… and this joy lies in expressing of your gift or talent, not in the way it is used by others… whether you personally like those ways or not.
This realisation is not yet comfortable for many of us. We would rather perceive through familiarity than through exploration. If we can cross this threshold now, we would be able to push ahead our frontiers and expand outwards are limitations. If not, then, we would still remain tied to conditions and approvals in our self-expression. So mid-week, we will be reminded that we can rule over our lives only with the power of impartiality. What your soul desires to express will have to be expressed. And to express till your completion, wriggle, loosen, cut through all that holds you back. As the Urdu couplet by Iqbal goes… “You are Eagle… your nature is to soar… You still have many skies awaiting you…!”

So, your commitment to your ability is the grip you have on the way you express it. Your ability is your calling card for the whole wide world, and not just a community with its particular needs. It is your creativity that will decide the goal. If you create a painting, it will be used where there is need of a painting, not where there is need for coffee! Here, it is discernment which will help you understand your ability is to paint, and creating paintings is one of its expressions.

So, decide on your current mode or form of expression of your unique gift, and proceed with implementing it. Destiny can present you options. You alone can decide which of the paths you will travel.

  • For the self-employed, a week which without much upheaval, will still remind you of the need to be true to your actual ability, rather than to the expressed form. If you are experiencing a depletion of income, it is possible that the need for the particular expression that you were servicing till now has become saturated. Check your attachment to familiarity. The current market is not your world. The world is your world.
  • For the employed, this could turn out to be a week where your salary is not your focus, but the discovery of your soul’s directives, is. You could be stumbling upon many instances that are reminding you of your true nature, and it would seem that your true nature is not getting to be expressed. It does not mean that you would lose your job if you express yourself. It just means that options of authentic self-expression are more than what you have previously thought. Go on, explore, even within your set boundaries. You might yet be surprised.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this could be a week where emotions are tossed around amidst surprises. It would be stabilising to remind yourself of your true nature and keep a check on how much you compromise on it when you choose to express yourself according to situation. You do not have to create storms. You just have to remind yourself that there is always the possibility of more options of expressions than the ones you are already familiar with. You may have not yet explored those that are most resonant with your nature.
  • For those who are voluntary care-givers, this week provides you the opportunity to learn about your true currency of energy-exchange. It is the nature of life to thrive on exchange of energy. It is human perception that decides what expresses energy, and what does not. Such decisions create contexts. However, contexts change the moment perceptions change, and thus, expressed currency of energy-exchange also changes. This week, you can explore what is surfacing about your true nature, without much worrying about sacrificing your chosen stand.

An uncut diamond of a week, if you ask me!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 02:40:20

    I would be surprised, if I suddenly discovered a calling. Not that I would dis respect such a discovery…..

    Is that a negative feeling? A turn away to the discovery?


  2. Kashish Sharma
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 05:33:28

    Mwuaaah 🙂 ❤ Tuffeee


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