Heave, ho…. and up we go!!!

FOR THE WEEK 12th-18th NOVEMBER, 2012….

Sometimes, it is good to be ungrounded… How else would you test your wings? 

This week promises to bring us nowhere near whatever makes us feel stable. Instead, we need to look at the skies we want to soar through, and the waters we want to dive into… and for that, we need to let go of that ground!

Again, when we start to look at things through the lens of our feelings, and decide to follow that which makes us feel good, we are reminded that cause and effect are tied together by a universal law. That we can effect a change is upto us, but that that change is a cause with a particular effect is written. So this week takes us down the path of understanding the currents of our emotions to be able to discern true feelings. Some letting-go is called for, and it is not going to be easy. However, we are going to learn about travelling light, whether we want to or not.

Did someone say uphill?

  • For the self-employed, an unpredictable week. This basically means that all the methods you follow to keep your business/ profession on track… will seem questionable and not very profitable. And all the new things you want to develop will need to be followed in the old ways. This dichotomy will confuse you well and truly, until you allow yourself to see the crux. It is not that you or your methods are at fault… but that you need new methods more in alignment with your authenticity and/or only those of the older methods will be fruitful now which are already aligned with you authentic self. So, whatever you do or want to do, have a plan and a step-by-step process in place. Then check each step whether it speaks directly to you of your desire… or expresses some kind of manipulation with known parameters. Such manipulation will serve to deepen the sense of dichotomy. If you can keep your balance in dichotomy, well and good. Else, there will be confusion.
  • For the employed, this week will present a repeated reminder that while you put your best efforts into your work, and you are dedicated as a team-member, as well, your calling may still be knocking to be let in. The disappointments you see at work is not because you are not worthy, but because this is not your dream that you are engaging your energy into. And if you are quite sure that you are doing what you have always wanted to do, then you would not have disappointments. How you feel is always the key to whether you are in the right place or not. And limitations are always self-imposed.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this is a happy week, though a tad flighty and emotional. Be courageous and spirited in expressing all the appreciation, love and gratitude you feel for the bounty you receive… for you are now in a good place to understand how your presence forms the gift you have given to others. The key, as always, is to understand how you feel, and to base your steps on your feeling. This is the way of the law.
  • For the care-givers of volition, the week pours validation all over you. It is your world-view that has set you on your path. And your path gives you much joy and fulfilment as you travel. Occasionally, when you encounter unpleasant situations, you have it in you to find out how to get back onto your chosen path. However, it is also time to understand that caring is not about making people dependent on that care for their well-being… and if you observe that happening, you will be called to rework the attachment.

 The pieces are all falling into place, Jerry!!!


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