A strangely epiphanic time we seem to be living in, folks! 

We have lived thus far, and have collected our wisdom, and now we are standing at a threshold in our lives, feeling, “There’s got to be more than just this!”

Yes, brethren, there is. There is a whole lot more. And we have just begun. This week’s energies through the Tarot Cards tell us the following about ourselves…

All those times when we have been jerked out of our sense of stable world, and have lost innumerable beliefs and sureties… those times should have shown us only one thing; that to which we cling, assuming they will be our saviours and helps, are neither. We are our own guides. We can always find what and whom we need to help us in a situation. Trusting the grace that help appears in the exact form we need, does us more good than holding on to whatever has helped us before. It may not, again, but we will manage, yes… with help, sure. The point is in understanding what is necessary at any given moment, and not in assuming that what has proved useful will continue to be so.
Thus we come upon letting go… and for most of us, it appears as a loss. Yet, if we have understood that the continuum of life is in our resilience, it now also time to acknowledge that happiness is in our capacity to feel happy, and certainly not in the things we think make us happy. It is our tendency to live outside of ourselves, through external events and things and other people, that causes us to base our lives on resources over which we have no control. When we understand that resources for living a full life are within us… in our creative control over ourselves… we stumble upon abundance… and unmitigated flow of it through the power of sharing. It is in giving out to the world from ourselves that we understand what we have… and what we have is what we have reaped from that which we sowed. Everything… attitudes, words, ideas, feelings… whatever we give out is from within ourselves. And in this giving, we have a chance of re-looking at what we have.

So this is the time to perhaps stop looking at what others are giving us, and instead check what we are giving out. All of us would love to be the best and the kindest and the most beneficent… As the reaction of every other being with whom we interact will show us… are we?

Now, then, is the time to rebuild our world as the material, physical beings we are, through the understanding we have developed in living through our experiences. Whatever we have termed as an adverse situation, has the potential to turn our fear into courage… and whatever has been a grace, is an opportunity to emulate and multiply.

  • For the self-employed, it is time to accept that systems which fail need to be re-worked and re-vamped. It is not the people, but people’s dependence on systems that needs to change. Systems are essentially oriented towards results. Not getting results could also be a sign of those systems not working any more.
  • For the employed, it is time to understand that being part of a system is not anachronistic to being authentic. Your core self should be able to radiate outwards into your world, no matter what the circumstances. If it is not, something needs to change.
  • For the dependent, it is time to relook at the reasons for dependency. Probably, redefining is also a way to open up new frontiers. Would a person be able to give if there were no receivers?
  • For the care-givers of volition, again, there is a call to redefine and rebuild through new attitudes. Separation is the illusion, and if such separation is what keeps you energized, then it is time to meet yourself in unexpected others.

What a zany week, folks! Let’s get our harnesses strapped!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 07:09:31

    Very nice….. Authentically moving on…..


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