A wonderful and enlightening year ahead awaits you, dear November-borns…!
You have come thus far having gathered a huge lot of experience. With that has come knowledge and you are pretty sure you know all you need to know of the ways of the world. And there is no doubt that you do…
However, all this knowledge distils into wisdom by a very special process, and that process is your own nature. What you do with your experience and knowledge gained from it is uniquely yours this year, dear Novemberians. And the process you will witness within yourself is this…

Every time you observe a repeat of a pattern from earlier on, you will also observe a quietude within your soul, that will ask you whether you want to behave according to a pattern any more, or whether you now want to explore other options. You are likely to ponder over those other options, and in doing so, you will discover another great threshold. Some of what you may choose will ensure your victorious survival, for sure… yet other choices will offer you a creative power over your destiny. You will discover that you can find ways to be inspired and motivated from within yourself… and that you no more have a need to defend your stance because you can now create new worlds with your knowledge…!!

There is, alas, a downside of this gift. It is the call to be that great hero who creates the new in the face of opposition from those who would not relinquish their hold on the old and familiar. However, the gift is with you, this year, and may you use it to your benefit.

Overall, with appreciation of what you have already achieved, you will be able to achieve more. Don’t run yourself down as it will not get you anywhere. Delve deep into patience and you will see surprisingly large results. Long-term projects over which you have slogged will start to bear fruit. Relationships could be intense, or bring out the more intense shades in you. Gains will be more than material, and you may need to be open to that option. You may also need to occasionally check your temper, ego flares and the digestion. If you do keep a tab, you will have a wonderfully soaring year.

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead!!!


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  1. Bodhimoments
    Oct 30, 2012 @ 20:20:02



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