Your Sword is Sheathed….

A still from the film “The Warrior’s Way”

For the week of 29th October- 4th November…

All of us want our lives to be stable and secure… and we usually have an idea that stability necessarily will mean unchanging or unchangeable. So the minute something shifts, we are uneasy. It is now time to check into the significance a ‘stable life’ holds for us.
Chances are we won’t be sure. We want a steady job, but there should be change in it to keep us entertained. We want stable relationships, but the other person will need to keep us happy, which is not a constant picture in itself. We want a steady future, but that itself is a nebulous picture through an empty phrase!

So what exactly is stable? And to answer that question, we need to delve into our psyche to answer another. Why is ‘change’ a threat to our stability? That is where our fear of change lies, and unless that fear is resolved, we cannot experience stability. And, as with all fears, clarity of thought and focussed attention is needed to resolve this fear. After all, a stable life is a life-time picture, by its own description… so you cannot very well plant a garden in the plot of land already overgrown with various plants and weeds. You would have to clear those out, foremost. And your new garden will need maintenance! And it is not that you hadn’t tried earlier; but your methods did leave much to be desired. Seems as though you need to change your methods and gosh! There is that word, ‘change’ again! So, now we come to what stability actually is…
Stability is your committed dedication to work at your vision of your life, which is a picture always in the process of being created by you.

Scoot. That pits you, then, directly against what the elders, society, education, taxmen and governments say. And being in a different boat than the majority can feel very frightening. It is entirely justified for you to go with the majority. It is also entirely justified for you to go with the flow. Only, the flow is not where the majority is going…
That which does not encourage you to dream your own dream and has no support to offer when you dare to be different is… what would you call it?
This is the question this week’s energies ask of you.

Play your game, or play it safe?                                       

  • For the self-employed, this week will make it lucrative for you to tread the beaten path, with all your creative juices screaming for change. For some, money is the singular determinant. For others of you, it is time for dawn… your ability to make money determines the determinant, doesn’t it?
  • For the employed, following your employer’s code is hugely rewarding and supportive. Yet, introducing new ideas that benefit your employer will not be easy.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, the energies of the week reiterate that your support system is steadfast and secure. You are treading the zone of feeling inferior… so what does that mean to you in your life-picture?
  • For the care-givers, this is an important week… for your dictionary is about to shuffle and redo meanings and significance. Pressure to conform will be immense, and will prod you to reach for deeper understanding of what motivates you.

For most of us, life is a mixed bag. The question, then, intensifies. What do we want to make of our life? When is eventually?

Intense week ahead, folks! Let’s crack it!!


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