“Tell me again what I am doing here…?”

FOR THE WEEK 22nd-28th OCTOBER, 2012 

A person goes to work. All day he works hard at the project on hand. He does all the necessary research and detailing required by the project. He looks into the requirements of his team members and works at fulfilling them. He knows how important it is for each of the members in the team to have the correct data and facilities at their disposal. He reports to his boss the progress the project has made towards completion, and discusses any probable lacuna in the planning.
And at the end of his work day, he comes home… quite exhausted. Nothing interests him. He would rather sit and unwind… perhaps, watch TV for a while, and have a drink, before dinner. Fleeting images from the TV or snatches of conversations through the day tumble around in his mind, reminding him of another person that he used to be. Interested in life, with things that excited him, with activities he loved and excelled at… However, all that is unimportant. What is important now is keeping body and soul together. Put food on the table. Pay the mortgage. Pay for the education of children. Life and health insurances…. bills and fuel prices…

No time, energy or inclination to be the person you have wanted to be. Neither, to even explore the possibility that such a person is waiting inside you, to be.

Does this scenario seem depressing, dark? Malevolent, even? Doom and gloom? And worse, familiar?

So, the questions that the energies of this week ask of you are these…
If you are capable of hard work and dedication, how about using some of that power for your very own, core self, to support being you, doing you-stuff?
If you are focussing on using that capacity to build stability and security for your life, how about looking at what makes that life possible, to begin with… which is, you?
If your definition of expressing love is expressing concern for safety, fearing for safety and security, and holding back from taking any chances or risks, then is love fuelling your life or embalming you alive?
If you are looking at life as an unpredictable and thus uncontrollable and unruly set of random events with no rhyme or reason… how about realising that there is one common factor to all those apparently random events… and that is, you? So how about entertaining the thought that perhaps life is not random, after all, and the one influencing factor of your life is, you?
If you are looking at validating your life through the achievements and accomplishments that are identifiable in your life circumstances, how about opening up to the possibility that such validation, then, can be influenced by factors over which you have no control? For example, when you are praised for work well done, is that proof of your capacity? What, then, of the possibility of that praise being flattery? What, then, of your capacity?

Much of what we experience this week will seem random. That is precisely the duality into which we engage. As we believe, so we experience. That includes the possibility, then, of changing our experience by changing our beliefs.
Easier said than done, right?
What else have you believed about life thus far, but that?

  • The self-employed have a number of opportunities this week to understand how much of their activities are turning out to be compromises with circumstances.
  • The employed have a week of a typically engaging week of work, with plenty of opportunity in the coming weekend to ask themselves why they are where they are.
  • The dependent have a week of understanding the phenomenon of manipulation and how it can and does show up in their perspective of life.
  • The care-givers of choice are wonderfully placed to experience the impression they are creating in their worlds, by their being.

In all, a week of getting answers to questions you ask!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bodhimoments
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 09:05:27

    okay! OKAY! Off I go to work for ME!


  2. Divya
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 06:31:52

    Interesting 🙂 Mohini – I have questions now 😀 😀 When can I come to you for a tarot card reading session?


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