Your ultimate goal…. YOU!

FOR THE WEEK 15th-21st OCTOBER, 2012….  

Many a time, if we sit down to ponder on our life-values, we find them a mish-mash and a hodge-podge and a random questionnaire… And we end up feeling more confused than when we started! And to think this whole exercise was to gain clarity!!!

At this point, considering the human way of perceiving life, it only stands to reason that if we have walked down a path we discover is not taking us to our goals, we have to retrace our steps back to the beginning to embark on the correct path, or, if we have been paying attention to our lives, we will have developed a sense of direction and we will be able to find a way through the undergrowth to get onto our road to Santiago!

However, again that and/or situation!
Darn, where is all that cut-and-dried matter!!!

It is now, here.

In a nutshell, this week is telling us, that there are no short term fix-its for long-term goals. Period.
So when we attempt to take care of situations in the present moment, with an eye to the situation itself, it serves the way it is… which is, temporarily.
It is time to understand that the situation which we want to set right, having viewed it as not-right, is a pointer towards something in our own self which needs recalibrating.
This understood, then arises the question of what we calibrate that something against… what the standard is.
The standard is our own happiness, and the way to know it is to feel it.
If we consistently do things according to what makes us feel happy in the moment, we would be teaching our perspective to look for the option that makes us happy. If we thus learn to be happy and stay happy, we would be changing into attracting happiness. And chances are we would want to stay happy… and chances are we would also look at sadness as opportunities to look for happiness.
That is long-term change.
We come to the long-term through the short term… but eventually, it is the long-term. It is the whole of our lives!

This week, we have the opportunity to settle challenges at hand with immediate fixes, but we are also in a good place to make the shift to doing what we would eventually want to do for the rest of our lives.
Do you think it works to tell yourself, “Eventually, I would want to be happy, but let me choose to be sad today, as that fixes today!”…?

Choose your forever.
Then check in the present moment which of your options take you closest to the feeling of forever. If none do, then there are more options you are not considering.

  • For the self-employed, with or without employees, this week is marvellous to check for glitches in your long-term plans with relation to your current mode of operation. The mode of operation you employ is the structure on which your endeavour is based. It is as good as the dynamics within it are balanced.
  • For the employed, this week is about progressing in your work through proving your merit through challenges. When you view challenges as opportunities to progress, remember your ultimate goal. That is what you will have to focus on to progress, not the situation next week or next year.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this week promises to help you understand the interdependency of everyone within the larger picture. So, if your ultimate goal is moving away from dependency, see how your present circumstances could be a stepping-stone for such. If you feel you are dependent through circumstances, not by choice, this is the time to understand what choice means to you.
  • For those who have already chosen care-giving, this week can help you recheck your motivation for your choices and improve upon your plans, if you so require.


Another threshold, another milestone, another signpost of change!


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