Climb every mountain…!

FOR THE WEEK 8th-14th OCTOBER, 2012…

I have an idea that we perceive a tomorrow because we think we have not got it right, and we want another chance at it… The moment we perceived our perfection, we would slip into eternity. Then every day would be today!!!

So here’s to another shot at… getting it right! 

In our most passionate upsurge of creating a new world, we still do not let go of our roots. We remain human beings, we remain products of our thoughts, and we certainly remain capable of change the only way humans can be motivated to change. This week, we need to acknowledge this fact as a conscious effort. However large and grand our dreams, however inspired and dramatic our desires, they are still connected, through us, to our roots. And these are the roots that eventually nurture our dreams. For some of us, we want to create a better world; that idea of ‘better’ is rooted in what we have understood of the world uptil now. For others amongst us, we have goals to achieve; these goals start from where we have seen ourselves to be. And at the core, it is our falling in love with our vision that keeps it alive… nothing else.
So this week, we are called upon to understand that we need to integrate where we come from with where we are headed, through the realization that we are the ones carrying the experience and making the changes. Denying this connection will cause a rift in the passage of nourishment.
However, the key to achieving this integration lies in the one thing that individuates human beings as a class of animals unto themselves… the power of thought. Discernment in what to do, how to do it, and what is needed is the power that builds the path from start to accomplishment. It is also the same power that identifies what does not work and can help prune all unnecessary engagements, when we need to be focussed.
So, challenges in the path of manifesting dreams are dealt with only through clarity and objectivity of thought and strategically utilising energy. It is imperative to view wounds and injuries as opportunities to mature, and not as threats or enemies. After all, you are not a hero unless you have engaged in battle. And then again, you are not a hero if you anticipate warfare at every skirmish. Thus, wisdom is paramount, and it is all within you.

This week, then, asks you to integrate in your own Oneself, passion for your dreams, love and honour for your capabilities and conviction to carry it out to manifestation, however long it takes. If you have integrated, your time is now. Your resources are within you. If you have still experiences these parts as separate, your time is yet to come…

Yet, the more you attain what you want to, the sharper you get to see, that what you see manifest around you is that which is already in you…

  • For the self-employed, with or without employees, this is a marvelous week to put into action all the plans that had been simmering on back burners. The first check point is what you feel about each… you love ‘em, go ahead. And the second check is whether you have in place a plan for the action! J
  • For the employed, this is your week to rise up and prove your mettle. Understand your role in the play and be respectful towards it. It was for the want of a nail that a kingdom was lost… so do not undermine yourself. Instead, ensure that you execute your responsibility to the best of your ability… and you will come by just rewards.
  • For those of you who think themselves dependent, flare-ups of resentment followed by abject regret and apologies tendered serve no purpose at all. Not even entertainment. So, in such incidents, exercise all your powers of logical thinking and understand that interdependence is divine design. In fact, there is nothing outside of it. Widening of intellectual horizons can help in integrating energies that may feel unutilised.
  • For those who have dedicated their being to care-giving, this week sounds a clarion call for a check on your motives. If you want to change paths, there is no shame in acknowledging it. On the contrary, it would be a shame to dilute your energies by not wanting to be where you are.

A week of the chrysalis embracing the pupa…!!!


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  1. nilu
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 17:35:33

    thanks dear!!:)


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