The KEY ingredient…. sweat!!!


For the week of 1st-7th October, 2012…

After the past few weeks, and especially after the past few weeks, yes! … this week will seem suddenly more definite and certain. There is still scope to split hairs over ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, and there is still ample opportunity to complain if things appear slow… However, it is actually a hovering over the crux, the fulcrum and if we get it, then chances are we will have integrated the fulcrum within us. Halleluiah!

Initially, we might feel a bit overworked or stressed about having to multi-task at everything; eventually, we should get to understanding that it is about choosing which balls you wish to keep up in the air and which ones to drop. Your own sense of security lets you choose. It is not a random gift from external sources. And when you are sure of your own resources, you can be generous to others. The finger-post here is pointing towards the fact that in sharing resources, you are actually sharing yourself. So that engagement of your energy is honest only when you are sure of yourself.

The repeated reference to being sure is, of course, an indication that there is a lack of it. This is from the past. Patterns of material interpretation of each and every aspect of life still weigh heavy. For example, money is a tool which facilitates buying of goods and services, in the context of a structure called market. So using money to define dreams, relationships, worth, energy, respect, stature….. is missing the point by long, long yards. This is a mere example, but it also hides (does not!) a glaring reality within it. The reality is no more serving our purpose. We now need to understand that our instinctual aspect need drive only our survival mechanism… and we are free to choose our creative aspects to reach into building a world.

Thus, reliability and dedication are admirable qualities, only when you have first demonstrated them for yourself. Are you committed to your well-being? Are you focussing your hard work and efforts to be your best possible self? It is by being your quality that you can afford it to others. Material well-being is an aspect of Well-Being, which is inevitable when you focus on doing the right thing by your spirit. When you have satisfied your spirit, you can sit down to dine with the gods…

  • For the self-employed, with or without employees, this week is a kind of hands-on exercise in validating that your methods work. If you are not seeing your desired results, there is a glitch in the system, not in you. The need of the hour is bringing clarity into the purpose of each unit of your system. They were not randomly put in place, were they…! So, if the result is not what you have imagined, then a unit somewhere has been misread in its function. This is your opportunity to put it right.
  • For the employed, the week is very stabilising in its eventual deliverance. Your progress is inevitable, if you are engaging your energy with honesty. If your energy is scattered through not wanting to be where you are, the result, too, will be not really what you want. This is your time to understand that the truth may be in what you do, but honesty is in how you are doing it.
  • For people who define themselves dependent, you are well cared for. What is apparent or visible, could be linked to the capacity of the one you chose to depend upon… but what is core is that the dependency is not misplaced. Please utilise your acknowledgement in blessing your support. The strength such blessing would impart at this time is gratifying.
  • For people who have chosen care-giving… you are at a point where you are pouring your energies into the garden of the future. Make a conscious attempt this week to rid yourself of your perceived negativities. The energy you will thus build up will have the power of fertile Gaia.

 A week of quiet benediction and great courage!  


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