Happy Birth Anniversary, OCTOBERIANS!!!!!

For those born in the month of October….

Happy Birth Anniversary, Octoberians! 

The year coming up for you, October 2012 to September 2013, promises to be one of bearing fruits… So if you have already sowed your garden, sit back and enjoy the harvest!

However, before you do sit back, go over once in your mind of the effort that you had put into your endeavours, projects, routine work and responsibilities. Needless to say, the fruits of labour are directly commensurate with the nature of your labour. Never, even for a moment, forget that. So I hope you have plenty of cause to be content to sit back!

The other aspect which has some relevance to the fruits that you may enjoy this year is the context of your earlier labour. This would mean the situation in which you did all your gardening. If the focal point of your activity has been the true expression of self, regardless of the context, then you can rest assured of bounty. If, on the other hand, your activity was characterised by any sense of lack… be it of responsibility, of enjoyment, of integrity… then the fruits are less, and may not be according to your choice.
You see, the appearance of fruit in a tree is assured, the quality is dependent on the quality of gardening.

So this year will also make you aware of the actual nature of your integrity. You will see that all those wise words about being honest with yourself, and being responsible about your behaviour, and being courageous to make necessary changes… are actually exercises that improve your gardening skills. In following wisdom is true nurturing of self, however that wisdom may be acquired.
Additionally, you will find opportunities to express enjoyment of life, both sensually and through the intellect. The alert is to remember even as you enjoy, that wisdom is realising joy in the process, rather than in the indulgence. The line of distinction is fine, but it certainly is there. If you focus on indulgence being a result, and not the focus, you are likely to remain on track!

Since most of what happens will be a culmination of earlier times, and a lead on to newer time, there will be less of decision-making processes than earlier. However, do consolidate your ideas of nurturing your life to its highest expression, because after the year is over, you will likely be summoned into a new blue-print. For everything that will have a material expression, there will be a corresponding artistic expression. Make yourself open to both aspects.

Finances should be good, though as a result of earlier years. Some, if in such a position, can expect a windfall or an inheritance to show up. It would be beneficial to remember that enjoyment of bounty is also an investment of energy, so invest wisely.
Emotions will multiply as you give out and return to you… so make sure you feel all the love you can.

Overall, have fun! You have earned it.


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