You’ve got visitors…. your dreams!

FOR THE WEEK 24th-30th SEPTEMBER, 2012

We are forever searching for the truth, for the one true moment, or person, or idea or expression… and we keep trying to label what we think we have found as truth. Let us, for a moment, recall that age-old example of four reporters from four different newspapers turning up to report live from a scene of catastrophe where a building has caught fire. Each, unaware of the others, as intent they are on their own work, has taken up a vantage position at four different corners of the building. Since they are focussed only on their view-point, and are sincerely reporting the progress of the fire and of the rescue operations as they see it, they are completely convinced of the veracity of what they see. Thus, the reporter on one side can see the flames leaping and smoke pouring out and the inability of the fire-fighters to reach through the smoke into the building, he reports on the probability of all people inside the building losing their lives. He has no way of knowing that on the other side of the building, the fire-fighters have found it easy to enter and rescue all of the occupants as the flames were rather minimal, and the reporter observing those activities, report the lives saved, and the building in no danger whatsoever, because of fire being easily contained.
They are honest… to themselves, and their dedication, and to what they have decided to do. But, as it turns out, each of their truth is partial.

This is a mere example. In real life, as we are so fond of saying, the variables are far more and in effect, we are more likely to have ‘truth’ sitting chipped and fragmented in our hands, of no practical use, whatsoever.

This week, we are called to understand what it is we search for, when we clamour that all we want is the truth. For each and every one of us seekers, truth is our own response to the signs and symbols along the way, in which we find meaning and significance. Truth is our personal perspective. It differs from person to person; it also changes in definition within a person, in the context of that person’s experiences. The wisdom, then, is in understanding that it is not truth we are looking for… it is our Self.
When we find we are not living our best lives, we usually associate a ‘best life’ with either one of goals achieved, or of happiness achieved, or a mix of both. And we are quick to point out that not living that ‘best life’ is normal, as there are so many things we need to pay attention to, that keep us from putting our energies into achieving ‘best lives’. However, it is now time… as it is time ever so often. We are being asked to look into our lack of achievement of what we think is our dream or desire. We have been defining those dreams in materialistic terms, and have found them lacking in material substance. How wise is it to chase down a desire to sing all day, when you have a family and growing kids to feed, after all? The question we are being asked now is whether we need to define dreams in the particular way we have been doing, whether we need to let one aspect of life rule another, whether it is a truth, or our honest selves that we mask with perceived reality… Yet, every desire within ourselves that we deny and bury deep under real life, will keep popping up every now and then and cause our guts to wrench with grief. Seeds, you know, keeping pushing through all that earth and darkness to grow towards light. And you could have been shoveling that dirt so fast and furious to keep your dreams buried that you may even claim to have forgotten them.
So this week also reminds you that, just like a loyal dog, your very patterns of avoidance of the self will lead you to what you have buried. And will keep doing it till you understand the call. The reason you quote as having kept you away from your dreams…? Perhaps they are there to test how much you love yourself…?

(You could sing, you know, if not all day, then for at least a few hours a week; enough to keep you connected to your dream, and enough to make you feel happy to have that family and kids to look after. And you know what? They would be happy, too, simply because you are!)

It is a wonderful opportunity for all of us everywhere, by the culmination of this week, to gently allow the seed to germinate in whatever the garden you have already cultivated. One is not instead of the other. Taking a cue from divine design, let all co-exist. Find a way to live your best life, in tandem with all other lives that you already are living. Try. Make the effort. It is already in divine plan for it to be so!

It is now time to for you to choose happiness and decide to be happy. You express divine abundance when you do so, and all of your world flourishes!


  • For the self-employed, with or without employees, this week is of immense promise, within and inside all your ambitious plans. What are you doing about them? If nothing, then start now. If something, then relook at the ‘how’. The time has come to redefine and rewrite the language and grammar of success.
  • For the employed, this is a week to demonstrate to yourself your honesty and integrity to your intentions. This, in spite and because of, your commitments… go, figure! And you must!
  • For those who are dependent, the time is ripe to understand the power in your decision. It is with the willingness and consent of the receiver that one can become the giver. Redefinition is the order of your day, too.
  • For those who are willing care-givers, this week may open deep possibilities of growth and empowerment of your beliefs and visions. You may not find yourself ready for such revelations.

What a power-packed punch of a week! Who is with me?


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