Grab The Rudder…. Rock Your Own Boat!

FOR THE WEEK 17th-23rd SEPTEMBER, 2012

For so long have we had a disconnect between our heart and mind, that now when we try to align them with each other, it seems to be a strange effort. The week coming up promises a weather of the heart… so before we start off, let’s find ourselves some grounding. 

You are in your here and now. You have come here after your share of experiences and learning. All of it, each and every moment of it is valid, useful and have now formed the contextual segment of your resources. Now when you work with your dreams and desires, you will find that your particular view-point of life is what grounds you. What you want needs to be in alignment with both of what you are and what you believe life to be. While what you are is a process of discovery, and what you want is a process of creation, what you believe about life, through your experiences, is the crucible where your dreams will amalgamate with you… And thus, your new world will be created.

With this knowledge to ground you, here’s the Tarot Weather for the week…

You are being called to take action, yet you encounter obstacles. Your dreams will not let you sleep any longer, you feel this tremendous urge to get going and own your world… yet when you make an attempt to do that, a strangely fearful beast seems ready to counter-attack you. This is the monster called self-doubt. It keeps throwing in your teeth words like ‘failure’ and ‘dumb’ and ‘foolish’ and ‘nobody’s-ever-done-that’ and ‘what-will-people-say’… and many more such.

Your first point of choice… You can back off, and retrieve the beaten path.

Else you can look this beast in the eye and declare, “I know what you are all about, and I am grateful to meet you!”
Yes, grateful. Be appreciative. The beast is guarding your dream from that aspect of you which is likely to give up on it and run. You see, your dream needs just you to manifest it, and if you give up half-way, you will have denied it, and that bit of your future, Life!

So, this is how you can deal with this beast.

  • Be open to your own feelings. Be receptive to what your heart tells you. Be vulnerable. Allow your loves and likes to colour your picture.
  • When the shadows creep in, do not deny them. They will, just like so many tiny beasts, tell you where you have pushed feelings under the carpet because of some judgement. And now, they are festering… asking to be cleaned out. Else they would spread the toxicity throughout your emotional energy.
  • When you feel shaken with the strength of your vulnerability, when you become afraid of falling, understand that this is where you turn on your mothering instincts. Nurture, protect and love yourself, so that your dreams can grow in you.

Once you start this process and keep at it, you will be surprised how happy you can grow! Be yourself, be you at all moments. This is the surest way to enjoy the inevitability of change. The more you resist being yourself, the more change will bother you. The more you pay attention to your core nature, the better you will see that changing circumstances do not have the power to challenge your existence.

So face that beast. Then walk right in to claim the treasure of your dreams. Your nature and your experience are your champion’s weapons. Your own sense of integrity will carve your way. And in having gone through this battle, you will have won the kind of emotional fulfilment that you had thus far imagined only in the domain of fairy tales!

  • Ø For those who are self-employed, the week ahead is an opportunity that simply must be faced. You are being called upon to redefine every rule and policy you have set up for yourself. Do it with clarity and braveness… even though you may feel you lack them. You don’t; they are merely obscured due to drama.
  • Ø For those who are employed, this promises to be a week of exhausting and engaging drama. Happiness is in doing that which is missing now… being absolutely clear and firm in your thought-processes. And for goodness’ sake, don’t mistake rigidity for firmness!
  • Ø For those who think themselves dependent, this week provides you with the perfect opportunity to express your love for yourself, in alignment with an understanding of your feelings for those on whom you find yourselves dependent.
  • Ø For those who are voluntary care-givers, times are ready for you to merge your nature, experiences and desires. You are at a distinct threshold of your life.

Chin up, folks! Waves ahead!!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nilu
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 17:54:40

    will remember!!


  2. bodhimoments
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 06:45:11

    Mothering me is probably a skill never acquired. Knowing me, allowing me, Being me. Where are those muscles gone?


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