The Secret You Always Knew!!!

FOR THE WEEK 10th-16th SEPTEMBER, 2012

Most of us would simply love to have our lives turn around for the better. The idea that we are responsible for our lives and that we are creating our lives every moment, turns unpalatable if we are not happy with where we are and what we have.
There is just one seed at the core of this attitude: we think of ourselves as victims. Life happens to us… and we gotta take what trots along, which is pretty random stuff, to begin with.

For a moment, just stop and think… what if?

What if what the great books say is true… that humans were created in the image of the Creator, and their life is the raw material with which to form what the divine template has promised? So be it…!!!

Starting where you are, just wishing and insisting change has occurred and you are making a new beginning, will not help, as you already know. You have to unravel your weave a little bit there. If you are unhappy with your current life, and would like to see things differently, here are three things you need to do right away…

  • Identify patterns of behaviour that you have, that will not serve the purpose of New You. Then, understand what New You needs along the same lines. Make that change in behaviour.
    Slow, steady, persistent, practice…
  • Understand the difference between ‘nature’ and ‘behaviour’. Your nature is the basic foundation of the manifest life. Your behaviour is a process of manifestation, which may or may not be appropriate for the particular manifestation you are looking for. Work with your nature, as your nature can bend and take shape.
  • Realise that there is nothing in your already existing reality that can keep you from being New You… not even relationships. People who love you will want to see you happy and growing and evolving… bottom line. If the equation does not rest on this line, it has fallen off the grid.

This is pretty much what the week is going to show us, so we might as well be prepared to see it!
Be good to yourself… which means understand, appreciate and look after your needs.
Do what you are capable of in the new picture.
Dedicated hard work is admirable when you are building the one thing you were given… yourself.
When times seem to be testing you, it is about your belief in the New You, not some random retribution from a temporary story. Work out the glitches. That makes for sure software!

On a more material note, based on our outlook of sustenance…

  • Ø Those of you who have your own enterprise, with or without employees, this week will seem off to a rocky start and then, will stabilise later on. The point will be to cross-check with yourself whether you are changing/ growing because you want to follow your dream, or you are doing stuff because you need to fulfil a want.
  • Ø Those of you who are employed, if you see a new responsibility being given to you at the beginning of the week, rejoice! Peg away at it with sincerity and see the project soar down the week. If things are pretty much humdrum, any anxiety at the beginning of the week will work itself out by and by.
  • Ø Those of you who are dependent for sustenance, you need to make sure you are keeping up with your part of the bargain, because the commitment to you is unwavering. The bargain is not about give and take. It is about agreeing to be yourself.
  • Ø Those of you who are voluntary care-givers, this week offers you the opportunity to become stronger, better, and a champion in your own eyes…

Here comes the change!!! 😀  


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