Shaking off your shackles….!

FOR THE WEEK 3rd – 9th SEPTEMBER, 2012

There is a phrase we use… “accepting responsibility”. The meaning and significance of it is rather challenging. It brings us up to face that whatever the situation, we have and are contributing our life-energy to its existence. We don’t mind it at all when we are happy with what is going on, but the moment we do not like what we see, ‘responsibility’ turns to ‘blame’.

The message of this week revolves around accepting responsibility. When we do, when we see that we have engaged in the existence of a situation, we give ourselves the chance to change the manner of our engagement and thus, turn the situation around to something better, And when we are dealing with the past, understanding that at the time of occurrence, we had contributed our energy in a particular manner, which in turn reflected the person we were at that moment, will help us to also realise that the fall-out of that past can be changed by changing the energy and the manner of engagement.
This matter is so huge that it is no small wonder that there are many of us who live out our lives in complete denial of such responsibility. Yet, the wealth that is hidden (not really, though!) in every incident is the opportunity of self-knowledge, and progressively, self-empowerment. When we acknowledge that we were less than what we aim to be, we open ourselves to being shown the path to growth. When feelings suffer conflict, when we feel vulnerable to attack, when we are uncertain of the step to take, we must acknowledge that we are less than we need/want to be. It is then that we allow our thoughts to get out of the zone of forceful imposition, and become clear, such that our way forward, too, becomes evident. This would not happen if we dug our heels and said, “No matter what, this is my stand and I stick to it.” Instead, we could turn it around and say, “This is my stand because at present, I know only this much. I am open to knowing more, and open to changing my stand for my betterment.”

Sometimes, we are conflicted simply because we feel the need to protect our survival and yet, we also know that life is not only about surviving, but also about creating. Know that you never have to dump one for the other. You only need to realise how much of your self-protection stems from actual need and how much of it, from perceived need, or fear. Dump that fear. Identify what you do need, and how you must fulfil it… and other than that, create your path. Living of life is a blend of the instinctual self and the creative self. Our empowerment is in knowing which is to go in where.

For this, we need to reflect, think and ponder within ourselves. Staying in the zone of conflict can make us feel anxious and prone to panic, but such periods of conflict are actually prodding us to find a different vantage point to look at things, a different perspective, because the current one is so obviously uncomfortable. If you jab your finger on a pin, would you keep theat contact going…?! It also is for us to realise that it is not in our material situation that the resolution of conflict comes about, but through understanding our capacities, values and talents. Resolution is not an outwardly manifest clunk of matter… it is an inner light, that helps you see further than the occurrence of the problem.

In such a movement towards discernment, we can discover that we are the ones in control of our lives… so if we do not feel it, we have to put ourselves back in control. Our life is our dominion, our own canvas for creation… and re-creation!

And the point being brought home through this week is… The purpose of clearing up the past, resolving conflicts and gaining control of our lives is to birth our higher selves.

Higher… and higher…

Fly away, Kings!!!


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