The Year Ahead, for SEPTEMBER-borns!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Septemberians!!!  

Just as the day follows the night, so will all of your thinking and pondering uptil now turn into action that can bring success to your plans. So, as you see, your upcoming year is very promising, indeed!
It seems that the Universe is now ready to show to you what you want to see. However, to achieve and own your goals, you need to hold an attitude of control, optimism and clarity. Let us pontificate…

All the thoughts, plans and hopes that you have put in to make possible your desires are your emanations. You are the one who must retain control over them. You must understand that what you want exists because you have wanted it. So at any point, giving away power to anyone else will change the identity of your goal. This will make possible the manifestation of something you didn’t quite figure. As an adventure, it would be exciting. But as manifestation of what you want, it is a completely pointless thing to do. So, retain control of your path. Delegate responsibilities, ask for help or advice, if you perceive the need to, but remain the captain of your ship.
Optimism is a bug. It irritates those who are not sharing your journey…! But jokes apart, if you are about to enter a dream home-run, wouldn’t you be glad? So, you be glad… because you are indeed in a very good place. Whatever the circumstances, you are being lead to a glorious place, so till the field as it needs tilling. If situations are tough or depressing, shift your focus to your goal and work out the best way to move there, from here. The darkness is sure to dissipate. If situations are positive, milk the feeling and store it up to strengthen your bulwark. Good going!
Then, there is clarity. Always, always maintain the truth of your vision through your own honesty. If something is not quite right, it is not optimistic to assume it will become alright… it is foolish. Instead, face the fact, know that it can always be worked around, and set to changing it to what is right for you. That is clarity. And with the power of optimism behind it, such clarity can make your life an example of living brilliance, for others who are watching you.

The time is ripe to let go of obstacles from the past. The night is over. Be confident and step forward. Be open to help and feedback as a course-correction mechanism. You are in a wonderful place to be able to create the life you want!

Have a super-glorious year ahead!


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