THEY… that do not let you sleep….


 You had a dream…

You still have it… in the recesses of your mind.
That is about all of you; your mind exists everywhere that you are. So, everywhere around you are the dreams that knock on the doors of your heart and remind you that you are yet alive…
So what are you going to do about it?

This week is a wake-up call, from your dreams.

There is a plan of action that you can use as a prototype…

  • Ø Identify the dream that is uppermost, foremost, most nagging, the one that won’t let you turn over and play dead.
  • Ø Grant it recognition. It is valid. No arguments against this.
  • Ø Understand that in having dreamt, and then in having discarded the dream unrealised, you have created a gap… a separation between where you want to be and where you are. It is this gap that wrenches at your gut. The only truth is that you are human, thus a creator, and thus your dreams are the stuff you create. Not having done this is invalidating your purpose… and making you unhappy.
  • Ø Now identify the ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ paths that you will need to travel, when you see your dream as a goal that you need to reach. Any of these paths cannot promise ease. All of them have already promised to demonstrate to you what your current belief system is. So chalk out a plan to reach your goal. Be alert that you are likely to look at, and keep looking at what may not let you reach… however, that will only take your attention away from the goal.
  • Ø Know that all you have experienced till now has served to provide you with all the resources you need to get to where you want to go. Choose the path most aligned with your current context of life and beliefs. You will not energise that which you do not believe.
  • Ø Based on the above point, decide to nurture your dream. That which makes you feel so good, hopeful and enthusiastic shall henceforth be visualised over and over again, till the feeling it evokes in you becomes your permanent state of being.
  • Ø In embarking on fulfilling your purpose as a creator, you must first let go of the baggage that makes you think you are not a creator. All doubts, negations, denials, resistances, invalidations, sticky glues… everything. If you do not do it of yourself, walking the path will ensure it be done for you, anyway. Again, your choice. However, nature’s ways are not as pandering to our frightened bits as we would want. Nature is the true nurturer. Her only purpose is to help you manifest your potential.
  • Ø Last, but not the least… know that you are your own master. You are the authority over your domain. You are the one responsible for your life and everything about it. All the times you feel you cannot, check for where you have given your power away. Reclaim it. It is your life, your creation.

Simple, isn’t it? This plan of action was, is and always will be there. The beauty of it is in activating it. Would you?

This week’s Tarot energies ask you, yet again. Would you dream? Are you now ready to start living the life you want to?

Since sustenance seems to be the mainstay of our active motivation, the week ahead looks like this…

  • For people who are self-employed, with or without employees, this week includes possibilities of major changes and restarts in matters of earning. Debris has collected, and will need clearing.
  • For people who are employees, this week asks you to align your intentions of working where you do with the intentions of the organisation. If there are discrepancies, then you need to check your honesty within. Blaming the organisation for your dissatisfaction will not turn you into a satisfied employee. Understanding the motivation of your employers and working out a way to align with them will help you much more.
  • For people who are dependent in context of life-situation, know for sure that you are well looked after, in complete accordance with the capacity of those who are responsible for your well-being. Your week will be satisfactorily energised if you look into giving as much love that you are capable of… to yourself, your guardians, your friends and loved ones. If you are preparing to be independent/ self-reliant, this is your time to work out the bugs in your programme before you launch yourself. The point is, there are bugs and glitches, and your programme needs a reality check.
  • For those people who have dedicated themselves to care-giving, this week is about appreciating your efforts and their alignment with your honesty. You are likely to receive much appreciation for your efforts, as well. Acknowledge the truth of it, for it is the mainstay of those who offer you what they can, in return. You are divinely protected. While the divine protects all, this week is your call to understand and acknowledge whatever form the protection takes in your life.

What a beautiful and blessed week! Go all out, folks!


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