FOR THE WEEK 20th-26th AUGUST, 2012 : The Hero’s Journey!

A wonderfully fresh start to the week can enable all nail-biting worriers to let go and be at peace! Make sure you take the opportunity of tensions lessening to relax and harmonise, rather than recalling the anxiety of the past week back and alive again. Conflicts can be resolved and new bonding of minds can be forged. It is time to remember that the more attention we pay to the details and nuances of whatever we do, the more of our spirit we engage. Make sure you are involved in activities you like, and then be persistent and dedicated to them. This is the time when you are laying a foundation based on experience and knowledge, rather than enthusiasm alone. In your relationships, through challenges or opportunities, you have reached the time to grow into emotional maturity, such that you can demonstrate being truly responsible towards your relationships. However, detaching from the drama of emotions also reveal to you that the growth-path of all souls is to realise the Self, which occurs precisely through the effort of detaching! This is certainly not about renouncing all relationships and becoming a recluse… or about denying the joy of bonding within relationships. This is about relinquishing control and judgement, and thus, allowing yourself the opportunity to recognise patterns of behaviour that cause those drama to begin with. How cool is that!
Therefore, in allowing our nature to surface and integrating that with our Self, do we set the stage for our dreams and ideas to take shape and substance, with true and lasting value. When you set goals, you are giving yourself a time-span to achieve them, yet your resources are always available… even when you think they are not! It is a mere perception. It can change. Staying optimistic may reveal sudden and new directions, which may not seem comfortable, but by now, surely we are aware that the more we know, the more there remains to know!
This is precisely the challenge the hero in us faces….
The hero’s struggle to break the chains that bind him in order to be free to claim his victory, is the anthem of human life. Familiar comfort, most of all those of bonding within relationships, are the chains that restrict us from taking chances, from acting out of our will, from moving out into the world. This is the time to face your willing imprisonment with honesty.
You can only chart your own course in uncharted territory!

  • Those of us who are self-employed, with or without employees, we will have a week of deep soul-searching about the true reason for being in our chosen line of activity. The closer you are to doing what you do out of love for it, the greater you can reach up and out and beyond!
  • Those of us who are employed, this week will ask us how much of ourselves do we engage in the work-activity. If you are holding yourself back from full engagement, it could be out of lack… of interest, of love, of harmony. Look into it. If you are totally dedicated, it is still time to look at the reason for your dedication.
  • Those of us who consider ourselves dependent on others for our subsistence, the week prods us to ponder deeply on our definitions for dependence, independence, inter-dependence… and to ask ourselves whether we are hiding other feelings behind such definitions, to begin with. All of life is interdependent in the macro-picture, and yet, self-reliant in the micro-picture.
  • Those of us who have chosen care-giving as a path of life, this week brings us opportunities that reveal more of our nature and our motivation for the choices we make. You may be surprised by what is revealed, and hopefully, will decide to bring in more clarity to your thought process.

Go for it, hero!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nilu
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 06:00:13

    thank you for the guide dear…….!!


  2. jeanhf
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 06:20:49

    Love this post, Mohini! I am a superhuman and find that I have to let go of all I presume and allow Spirit to work through me to find solutions, answers, inspiration! This is a magnificent week! ♥


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