TIME FOR THE THREE Rs….. Rest, Recalibrate, Restart!!!

For the week 6th-12th August, 2012….

After the previous few weeks, you are entitled to a break… so grab all the rest and recuperation you can this week, folks. However, let’s also change our perspective about a ‘break’. It does not have to mean that we stop doing whatever we are doing for a while. Let us make it mean that we step away and re-evaluate where we are and whether we are happy being there.

First off, step back at observe all that you have done and accomplished in the past few weeks. This one is important, because often we keep staring at the distance that still needs to be covered to reach a particular goal and we forget to be aware of the distance we already have covered. True, accomplishing the goal will define our sense of achievement, but the experience and identity we are gathering on the way are enriching us. We are developing ourselves as our truest resource. So, yes, step and take a good, long look of appreciation at what you have already achieved. For a couple of days, stay with this feeling, and allow yourself to realise that in doing all the hard work that you were, you have actually fulfilled your sense of self. A burden of doubt and feeling unsure about yourself can now lift, and you can feel glad of the person you are. If you allow yourself to experience how good you are proving to be, you will also let in at the door new desires and possibilities. Dreams are good to go, again… if you understand that you are all the resources your dreams need to manifest!

Mid-week, the Tarot energies offer you an understanding. It is possible to attain the world… it is only as probable as you make it. So, turn back and look again at the past few weeks or months. It is never a desire or dream that is unattainable. It is always the effort that falls short in planning or enthusiasm. This is the centre of gravity this week. Identify what you love. Put your energies and enthusiasm in it. Have a plan of action and a process to reach your goals. Achievement is the blending of feelings, passions, discernment and utilisation of resources. In the mix that is proper for you, nothing can keep you from success. The Lord of Karma has been trying to tell you that all along…!

However, being generally unclear, we might tend to look at all future action as obstacles which might turn unpredictable and insurmountable at any moment. This is the time to remind ourselves that firstly, we are never alone, and secondly, love for what we are doing provides the energy… nothing else can do what love does. So, towards the close of the week, we will have to actively step towards activities, processes, attitudes… anything that connects us to our passion for life. Our love. We may discover that we need to juggle some commitments, moonlight at jobs, take on more… before we can drop a few and retain what we want. An attitude of playful enthusiasm and a sportsman’s spirit will help us through this transition.

*For people dealing in money, a good period with adventures under control, and with past experiences proving to be assets for future judgements.
*For people involved in creativity, a period of rest and recalibration, while connecting again to your original motivation.
*For people who are dependent on others, a good time to build on your own sense of independence.
*For people who are policy makers, there is no direct energy this week to enhance your activity, but all energies can help you re-evaluate your life thus far.
*For people engaged in caring for others, the energies will validate your original motivations, and just might prod you to the threshold which you will eventually cross… integrating care for your self.

What a marvellous week ahead, folks! Get ready for the upsurge…!!!


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  1. pronob
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 13:01:51

    Thanks for the post ; I must admit I did not read your post regularly, however this one tells me I need to do that.


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