Happy Birth Anniversary… AUGUST-borns!!!!


For those of you celebrating your birthday in August, the year ahead is of much delight and joy. It can prove to be the year for which you have been waiting to start manifesting your dreams! How exciting is that!
First off, notice again… the word is ‘start’. Your dreams are not yet manifest, and they are not going to be dumped on your lap, ready-made. And this is precisely the delight…
Whatever you have been working on, is likely to achieve its outcome. Whatever you have been dreaming about, is likely to now become real. This is powerful. And anything powerful comes with its share of responsibilities.

So make sure you get this aligned, this year.
* Outcomes are dependent on the process. So keep a close eye on the process you are about such that it can bring you the outcome you want.
* Dreams manifest in the real, material world. So make it possible for them to be real.
If you are building a castle, lay a foundation on earth. If you are lighting a bonfire, gather twigs and leaves and branches that are dry. If you are looking at a relationship, understand what the real ramifications of that relationship are. If you are looking for employment, focus on the ‘what’ and get your qualifications aligned with it. If you are working on launching/ expanding your business, design exactly what you can give in return for what you need.

And there, you have it!

There is nothing as delightful as manifesting what you desire, and knowing that in the process, you have built a relationship with your own self!
Potentially, a marvellously satisfying and validating year lies in wait for you…. Go, seize the day!!


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