Falling back on words of the wise can be a move towards imbibing the same wisdom in ourselves. So let’s do it, this week!

Recall those words of the wise that tell us about transmuting obstacles to challenges to opportunities…
The week ahead has all the courses set up to squeeze the most out of us. It is really upto us to make that most ‘awesome’. We start off by realizing that we have reached wherever we have through our good efforts and we appreciate the journey. Overnight, we are likely to be pushed into challenging that. Either we find that we stay locked in monotony, habit and repetitiveness in the name of ‘normal life’… or we rock the boat, pull back the bolts, kick the dying embers…
All of which will serve to suck us deeper into the one question that can only be answered by our Self… “Is this it?”

If you want it to be wider, more colourful, brighter… you get up and make the changes. In which case, also be ready to be questioned by yourself, your near ones, your well-wishers. It is difficult to push the edges out when everything within is well-contained and defined. It is still justifiable to appear to change when things are not going well. Most of all would plague the anxiety of letting go of something perfectly reasonable for a vision only you may be able to see. However, this is where ‘obstacles’ turn into ‘challenges’. Would you take ‘em up?

Think long and hard. Think clearly. Change is inevitable, even if we are just sitting around doing nothing at all. Wanting to guide the change could be similar to moving mountains. If you decide to go for your bigger picture, you will find the resources, the energy, the support and the wisdom. If you decide to stay within the current picture, you would still need to maintain status quo… All kinds of people have all kinds of lives. Your life is your personal canvas, after all. If you want to create, and keep creating, this week can help you tweak out, dig out, weed out, burn out, stamp out… all that became seemingly dead rock in your way. However, you have to take action… whatever it is.

*For people dealing in money, their own or others’, the week is uneasy, with all activity focussed towards stabilising. Such stability will be achieved, particularly if you follow tried and tested methods.
*For people working on ideas, of their own or as part of a bigger project, manifestation is near. You need to understand that what is not changing could also turn out to be a boon… that particular rock which turned into the foundation stone. Thus, think differently.
*For people who consider themselves dependent on others or on systems, you are in a safe place, with a few anxious moments when forgettable history could seem to be repeating itself. Don’t worry, for it will not. The system has its own stabilising quotient.
*For people who have chosen to nurture others, the week is the rock which you would need to decide about. To throw away, to keep, to polish, to carve out, to build on… or to ignore, wait and watch. You may not feel supported right now, but ‘this, too, shall pass’.

For all of us, this is a week that can catch us in its fist and declare, “Grow, will you!”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nilu
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 15:32:45

    hey dear!!……………. this is sushma( your nilu):)


  2. nilu
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 15:41:10

    true……… change is inevitable……its a process….. !!! and its the time to take action !!!you have answered a question or say a confusion 🙂 thanks dear!!


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