THE EMPEROR…. Authority, responsibility, care….

(Image from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Shadowscapes Tarot)


“Authority”, as we know it now, is the right to control, command or determine.
A person who has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in a subject is an ‘authority’ in it. Others consult and rely on this person’s knowledge.
A person who takes on the office of looking after systems, such as law and order, and governance, is an ‘authority’ figure in charge of the smooth running of systems.
A pers…on who can tell right from wrong, can take charge of welfare and can ensure well-being, is an ‘authority’ figure.
Underlying all of this is the fact that the person of authority needs to have the knowledge of the subject, the ability to be responsible for action taken under the knowledge, and the alertness required for maintaining the well-being of those who subscribe to that knowledge.
Persons who do NOT have the required knowledge, sense of responsibility or caring, are NOT authority figures.
Authority is not power of dominance. It is the worth that makes others give up their own power to accede this worth.
Being in a position of authority is the true work of EGO…. It always requires knowledge, responsibility and caring.
Anything other than this is the shadow.
Show it the light!



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