Is this all there is? Perhaps not…..!

Yes, all of us are aware that we are going through shifts… and most of us would vouch that life feels pretty much the same! The only difference could be… ummm… well, now, maybe, just maybe, we occasionally feel confused about things that we would ordinarily be quite sure of….?

And, that’s it! Voila!

This week, we are guided to sift through all that confusion with a fine-tooth comb. Many of our long-held ideas are on rocky ground, and we cannot be blamed for not seeing the big picture… We don’t know what it is! If we are ‘ascending’, ‘expanding’, becoming ‘light beings’… it should logically feel good, right? It does not.

When we have spent so long lighting up our minds with the illumination of logic, we need to retrain our vision for the sun coming up. This week, logic can help us cut and snip away at things unnecessary. The burgeoning sense of restlessness is our desire to get things done and moving. Could the future please be here, already!! It is in the background, and it is in the way we approach every day… get things done, else we feel worthless. That is precisely what we need to look into this week…

Our sense of worth is tied to action.
Our sense of fulfilment is tied to pre-defined results.
Our sense of power is tied to control.
Our sense of solitude is tied to rejection.
Our sense of belief is tied to proof.

And this is where we are asked to work on ourselves. Redefine, retrain, relearn…
“Thus long we have looked at the tree by the light of the lamp. It is now time to look at the lamp by the light of the tree.”

Tarot update for the week 25th June- 1st July, 2012, is now up on the page MELODY!!!!


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