Best friends, forever….? Are you sure?

Most often, we define ourselves through our relationships…

We learn our first rules of relating with others within the confines of our family. It so happens that when we step out into the world, we attempt to relate with others in the same way as we have learnt within the family structure. Often, it does not work, and we re-learn what we need to do in order to be successful in those relationships… That is, if we do decide to re-learn. That is true show of emotional maturity. With this as the backdrop, we have a week ahead that encourages us to be our true selves in the area that matters the most in our lives… our relationships. Sometimes we mess up, sometimes we bend over backwards to please the other…. Yet other times, everything we do seem to be at cross-purposes with our loved ones. But that we love is without doubt.

This week, we are asked to face ourselves in our truth, and then work to have the courage to keep ourselves visible in the exact way we know we are. That is our championship round.

The current week’s Tarot update, now on the page MELODY!!!!!


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