So, what do we see when we look into the mirror…?

This week would ideally be spent in quietude, though not necessarily as a holiday from whatever it is that keeps us occupied. We are being called to understand the transformation we have called upon ourselves… through the pressure we currently subject ourselves to. If we have discovered already the new ‘I’ that is emerging, we can be ready to nurture it with love and give it the resources it needs to blossom. If we do not yet have an idea of who we want to be, no matter… evolution occurs whether we are asleep or awake. Sometimes, it is a good idea to sleep, or rest…. perhaps meditate, as a lot of our past experiences leave us feeling incomplete. And as the seasons have taught us, given time, everything is assimilated. After all, what we have lost is merely focussing on the ‘what’. It can just as easily be what we have gained, by focussing on correcting our course of action. Time inexorably moves forward. It would be great if we would move with it towards where we want to go, and not lie around to be carried away on its tide!

A week of reflection, if ever there was any… so let us grab the chance and work with it!



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