In the end is the beginning…..

In the end, there is always the beginning…..

And so, in the beginning, there were all the five.

The Phoenix opened his wings, lifted off and gently laid out the sky. Round and round he flew, soaring into the winds, allowing the waves of clouds to wrap around his great feathers…

The Others watched him and breathed freedom…

When it was the Dragon’s turn, he shivered and expanded and was glorious to behold! The arc of the point, where his breath and gaze met, light stood still and became the sun. In the rhythm of his emanations the sky lit up with night and day.

The Others were warmed and happy. When they rested, it was cool.

Then they turned to watch the Unicorn, weaving stars and orbs into birthing dreams. He rode into the corners of sleep, unravelling swathes of memories that hung mist-like in the black nothing and stirred deep within. No one could see into the nothing, yet he did… and onward he went, creating that which was uncreated. Where there was nothing, he was, shining and ephemeral, his single horn cleaving through the darkness he lit.

The Others soaked up his splendour in silent awe… and the dreams he spun trembled on each eye-lash.

The Tortoise rose and walked the earth. Where he stepped, mountains rose, earth was ground and spring became. Blossoms showered gently down on the path he left behind. The trees were assured. Life shifted and turned in birth and be-ing. The whorls of time he carried on his back, and froze them in themselves for the others to see.

The Others gazed at his path and were comforted to be. The breath, then, coursed through their being and congealed the gems of the others who had walked before. The space of the Phoenix wrapped around their limbs. The sun of the Dragon warmed their blood. The dreams of the Unicorn stored away sleep and the Tortoise himself stood firm on the land that he had birthed.

And the Mer-one smiled and was happy. When the Others turned to watch, the Mer-one was already slipping into their senses… pulling, tugging out each unformed bud and wrapping them around her fingers, swishing them around his tail. She flowed as he shifted… weaving reflections and glens and images onto the eyes of the minds of the Others. They fell quiet, wondering, marvelling. The Mer-one played be-ing where none else could go… within. The Mer-one could be what none else would dare… she.

And so the earth and sky and sun and night, with warmth and spring and in and out… along with all the five, held hands and realised that they were.

Born was human. All was human.

Yet as the child grew, Phoenix felt his flight peel off, and Dragon, his breath lay cooled. The Unicorn watched Dragon for a while… when the sun set, he disappeared into the night. The Tortoise heard the human’s footsteps behind him, yet knew they did not follow. And Mer-one split… The cleaving wrenched all heart in pain. They hurried to hold and cup and hug, but One was now not…. They watched in silence as Mer-was sank into the deeps, multiplied and halved. They felt the cord unspool forever, and were gripped with loss and fear. Mer-one was lost, and Mer-was became not, too… And Tortoise sighed, knowing unspool would end one day, as well.

But their child thought only of completeness and did not know any missing. Human walked the earth, gazed at the sky, slept at night, ate of the fruits. When fear appeared, blame did, too. Night became darkness, sleep became escape. And desire split the human up into two… letting one rule over the other, war, defeat, and turn into the other now ruling over the one… in an endless turn.

With a long sigh of the last flight, Phoenix took wings. The two watched as the heart lessened. Soon it was cold… Dragon had submerged himself as well.

Human has since shaped time into a sword and lengthened moments to a line. Thus it has been aeons and tortoise walks a lonely land. But wisdom in him sometimes points to the sky, and he can hear the whirring of the phoenix’s wings… or watch the glow of the dragon’s eyes in the setting sun. Sometimes he laughs, ruminating on the way he now walks on his own back… at other times he holds himself between sleeping and awake, to meet the unicorn. Yet the key, he knows, is in the making of One… where the secret lies in the only she, who now could send out only the yearnings of the deep, while her he lay unresponsive and ignored. The tortoise has heard born stories from the human clan… of mermaids and mermen, and so now, he could wait.

The beginning was near.


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  1. bodhimoments
    May 23, 2012 @ 08:36:24

    And so on in a circle…. TIll the circle stretched… to eternity.. and ripped asunder no more.

    Nice one, thank you


  2. Mamta
    May 23, 2012 @ 08:39:43

    I am at a loss of words……beautiful


  3. Mayank Teria
    May 23, 2012 @ 08:58:23

    Speechless. breath taking. Splendid.


  4. iwarrioroflight
    May 23, 2012 @ 09:32:51



  5. sueokieffe
    May 23, 2012 @ 15:07:48

    you are an enchanting weaver of words


  6. talkpawsitive
    May 23, 2012 @ 17:18:18

    This is amazing. Beautiful and poignant. Wow. I’m sharing this one.


  7. talkpawsitive
    May 23, 2012 @ 17:19:04

    Wow. An amazing recollection of events. Wow.


  8. Aarti
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:01:33

    Goose bumps!


  9. nilu
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 15:56:38

    simply wow!!!


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