LETTING GO….. a powerful torque of words, that puts to mind the grip you have had on something that you may have wanted, and yet it did not work out.

So here you are, preparing, readying…. to open that tight fist of yours and watch it fly away.
And you feel a sense of loss, of defeat, perhaps, that something you had wanted and acquired did not turn out to be in alignment with you… Or perhaps, you just could not manage it, and that makes you feel smaller than you like.

It is difficult…. it could be the most difficult thing you do.
Yet the advantage lies in doing it…. in creating the space for that thing to come in which is in divine alignment to your being. After all, Nature abhors vacuum… so something will certainly come in to fill up that empty space.
The way you can ensure that this time around, what lands in your palm makes you happy… is to be happy.
To begin with, know that you are divine creation… and in your journey, you are tending to be the one you want to be.
That is happy…. major, way, capital HAPPY, in my dictionary!!! 🙂
And then, take help from Nature…. our sister, our mother….

Tonight is a help-day, if you will! Full moon.
Full moons have the capacity to take away from you whatever you give it. And you can see that leaving your life over the next fifteen days as the moon walks away with it, diminishing itself to nothingness.
So open your palm and give away…. to the full moon…. all that you do NOT want in your life. Let go….
Let go…. of fear, of pain, of judgements, of lack, of limitations….
Let go…. that you can’t….
Just that. Just what you would have gone from you.
Let go….
And let God. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. insiderap
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 18:39:25

    I was initially drawn to your blog by the photo of the moon and the mosque. Once here I have found very nice text. There are really no accidents… It’s all part of The Plan on The Path. I plan to visit your blog. You are welcome to visit mine. May our paths intersect again soon.


    • theredfoxanddeerlady
      Mar 09, 2012 @ 08:37:44

      Thank you so much for your kind acknowledgement! 🙂
      Indeed, there are no coincidences. All connections are already there. We just pick up what we focus on at that moment!
      May our paths cross again….


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